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Top 5 Tools To Improve Your Facebook Advertising Life

Paid Social Media Blog, PPC Blog 3rd Jun 2020

(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

I’m gonna be showing you five easy tools that you can use to make your Facebook advertising life a little bit simpler and the first one I wanna talk you through is canva.com. If you haven’t heard of canva.com, it’s a really simple, easy-to-use tool where you can create your own images, match them up with your brand and use ’em in your Facebook ads. You have everything from templates, you can add pre-existing images and videos and even add stock imagery to these templates. So it makes your life a little bit easier and you can advertise with them and download them in a simple-to-use format. The next tool that I want to go over is the Facebook Text Overlay. So after you’re made your first ad, you might have a bit of text in there and as you know, Facebook only allows up to 20% text per image. Now, in order to check this, you need to use the Facebook Text Overlay tool. And you can use this by uploading an image that you already have and you drag and drop it into the Text Check and it will appear with one of these symbols. Now, you wanna go for the green one because this is what will allow your adds to run but if you end up receiving the little warning symbol, your ad may not run or if it does, it will reach, it will obtain less reach. So it’s really important that you use this before you advertise. Now, this is uploaded, it’s told us that the image is okay to use and we can then use it on our Facebook ads. The next tool that I really recommend is the ad relevance diagnostic form on the Facebook website. With this, you can check whether your ad is performing well, whether it’s receiving enough engagement and then obtaining a good conversion rate ranking. Using this tool, Facebook will run a diagnostic and you can see what changes you need to make to your ads to improve them and obtain those conversions that you’re after. This could be whether it’s changing the audience, changing the image, or just changing the caption just to improve your ad just a little bit more. And the next one is the Facebook Pixel Helper. With this, you can see if your Pixel is running correctly on your website. All you have to do is go to chrome.google.com and you will find the Facebook Pixel Helper on there. You click on that, you can install it as an extension to Chrome and then when you land on a page or you visit your own website, you’ll be able to see this little Pixel Helper at the top. It will tell you what’s been triggered, what isn’t working and then you can adjust to amend your Pixel. Now, the final tool that I really recommend is using the Facebook Creative Hub. You can find this from the Business Manager by going to the top and scrolling down to Advertise and you will see Creative Hub. If you want to use a new type of ad but you don’t want to create a campaign, you’re more than welcome to use this tool to see what the finished product might look like. Here you can get some inspiration, you can create new projects, you can view different formats where you become inspired. It’s all up to you on what you use on the Creative Hub and it can be beneficial to find out what ads do and what they look like. Hopefully, this has helped. Use these five tools to your advantage and hopefully your ads will improve because of this.

Joaquin Lopez

Senior Paid Media Executive

A sci-fi movie buff, gamer, lover of dystopian fiction and self-taught bassist, we’ve concluded that Joaquin has quite the creative streak. A recent trip to Japan unearthed a love for ramen noodles, so we now know what to bribe him with! Fun fact: originally from Chile, Joaquin’s surname means ‘son of wolf’.

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