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How to set up my Business on Facebook

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Facebook presents businesses with a fantastic opportunity to identify and engage with current, as well as potential customers. This is done through the use of pages, which allow businesses to house pertinent information within one place and promote it to a potential audience of over 500 million!

So now you’ve decided to take advantage of this opportunity for your business, be sure have a look through the below quick overview of setting up a Facebook business page.

Before you start anything however, make sure you agree on the naming of the page. If you have more than 100 likes, you will be unable to amend this.

1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/

2. Click ‘Create Page’, located under the Sign Up box.

3. You will then be given the option to create either a page for a local business/place or a company/organisation. Select the box applicable to you, fill out required information and then click ‘Get Started’ – the page will look like so:

4. Upon completing this process, you will be presented with the environment within which your business page will be built, managed and promoted and will look like so:

5. Next click on the ‘Edit Info’ at the top of the page under the page heading, this will allow you to add further information and functionality to your business page – below is a brief overview of each section:

5.1. Basic Information

Here you can further add to your profile, make sure to include as much information as possible to engage fully with those viewing your profile.

5.2. Profile Picture

Add the picture you would like to be used as the profile picture of the page, we recommend using a high resolution version of your company’s logo.

5.3. Featured

Page owners can be added to the page as well as featured likes. Both of these are key to helping to get your page associated with other key pages on Facebook as well as generating your own following.

5.4. Marketing

The marketing tab will allow you to promote your page further, through the use of Facebook Advertising, posting to a contact list or adding a like box to a website.

5.5. Manage Admins

This section allows you to add any other Facebook users as administrators to the account. These users can then access and amend the page by logging into their account and navigating to account -> Use Facebook as Page

5.6. Apps

Applications can be added to the page to create a richer experience for your fans. There are hundreds of apps to choose from but Facebook selects six apps to get you started. These will give you a pretty good foundation to build your page upon but we recommend familiarising yourself with the applications on offer and deciding which ones can help you stand out and engage.

5.7. Mobile

The mobile tab will allow you to manage how your page can be populated via mobile devices. This can prove invaluable if you are out of the office constantly but would still like to populate your page regularly.

5.8. Insights

Insight allows you to monitor the number of users and interactions with your page. This data can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of any activity you are carrying out.

Need Further Help?

If you’re looking for further help on setting up or managing the social media presence of your business, have a look at the social media services offered by Koozai. Our social media department can help you leverage social media to your company’s advantage by raising online awareness, interacting with current or potential customers as well as building quality links to help improve your site’s organic rankings.

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    Great information and extremely helpful, a video guide to this would be great thanks

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