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Stephen Logan

Will a Blog Boost my Website’s Online Visibility?

5th May 2009 Content Marketing, SEO 3 minutes to read

If you’ve been left wondering “how can I boost my website’s visibility?” you’ll be relieved to know that there are a number of potential avenues to explore. PPC advertising, strong links and improving content to be more keyword orientated are just a few of the common methods.

Leading search engines have their own methods of analysing and ranking websites. One thing that they all look for though is good quality new content that is regularly updated. So rather than going through your site and adding or adjusting existing pages to boost visibility, why not set up a news section or blog?

Blogs are a simple and highly effective marketing device. By writing exclusively about your industry, using personal insight and knowledge where applicable, you can provide an exceptional service to clients, both existing and potential, as well as to your site’s online presence. It’s an extremely straightforward way of providing an added dimension to a company website, whilst also helping boost your content and hopefully your online visibility.

Blogging for Business Success

Remember, a blog needn’t be simply stating the daily facts and figures within your own company. Whilst it is good to keep customers informed of what is going on, there’s a whole world of related information and news that can serve the same purpose. Relating your company’s activities with the latest industry news and events can provide an interesting spin on the latest breaking stories, helping generate additional interest from organic searches.

If you visit any successful website, you can be sure that there will be a blog in one guise or another; in fact many include a whole range of them for individual sectors. The quality of content is obviously integral to its credibility. If you don’t employ an SEO copywriter in-house or anybody else who can provide the same high level of focussed copy, then you may need to outsource to a specialist just to ensure that you’re getting the very best results from your blog.

Unique copy, written to the very highest standards with thoroughly researched keywords and titles used throughout, is what every business website should look to achieve on each and every page. This of course is true of a blog too. Your blog articles should be about creating an immediate impact, but always keep in mind that they can also help boost your long-term rankings too. As they are archived and stored on your site indefinitely, articles can really aid optimisation of the overall content; providing a vital additional source of keywords and phrases.

Boost Your Site’s Search Engine Visibility

Successful blogs generally tend to have a unique niche or something else that distinguishes them from any others. Creating a preferred writing tone, perhaps reflecting that used elsewhere in your site, whilst also maintaining regular updates will help visitors build up a trust of your company. This credibility boost may even help turn sceptical visitors into long-term clients or customers.

Best of all, blogs needn’t take up too much critical time. A short post here and there throughout the week, along with a few more detailed articles when larger news stories break, will help keep your site fresh and new, whilst also drawing in those search engine spiders for a closer examination. If you have the time to dedicate to it and are able to produce useful and informative articles with greater regularity, the results should follow suit.

As with anything in business though, you tend to get out of it what you choose to put into it. Regardless of your site’s status, the ability to improve its visibility is at your fingertips. Site content is quickly becoming the most important aspect in any SEO strategy. So whether creating a cutting edge blog or just filling your website’s pages, quality and clarity of the copy used is essential in improving your popularity with the search engines and your intended market.

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