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Stumbleupon Channels – The Main Changes in Stumbleupon’s Redesign

9th Dec 2011 SEO Blog, Social Media 2 minutes to read

StumbleuponYou may have noticed that Stumbleupon has recently undergone a rather big redesign. The change is aimed at making it easier for people to explore the things that interest. They have also added a new feature called Channels.

However the new design has left regular users slightly uncoordinated with many confused as to how they should use the new version.

Personally I am a big fan of Stumbleupon and I’ve been using it for a number of years, so this has been a very interesting change.

With a bit of playing around it doesn’t take long to get to grips with the new layout and features. In fact the new Stumbleupon makes it a lot easier to find new content related to your interests.

As soon as you go to the Home page you can see that the main focus is now on using the Explore Box. This is something that has been in Beta for a while but is now part of the site.


The Explore box allows you to search for content based on keyterms that have been associated to content Stumbleupon users have added to the database.

Much like Google Suggest, the Explore box will give you suggestions as you type.

Using the Explore box provides you with a more targeted search where as clicking on one of the more generic categories that now populate the Home page will send you to less specific pages.

The big change however is the one that could potentially bring even more traffic to websites: Stumbleupon Channels.

Businesses, brands, sites and even celebrities can now set up profile pages (which Stumbleupon call Channels) which users can follow.

Stumbleupon Channels

Users can then follow these Channels in much the same way you can follow fan pages or business pages on Facebook and Google Plus.

You can follow and unfollow Channels as you wish by managing them from your account.

This is quite a big change as it now allows businesses to add their content to the Stumbleupon without having to worry about whether they are adding too much content.

In the past users have always been warned not to add too many pages from the same site but this new feature takes this risk away.

Having their own Channel means that they now have a platform that relies on them adding regular content to attract new followers.

Stumbleupon have started with 250 Channel partners but if you are looking to create a Channel for your business or site then you need to contact Stumbleupon directly. Once you have a Channel you can add your content. To do this you simply need to edit your settings.

To do this click on the “Edit Settings” link which is positioned below your Channel’s name.

From here you can specify a feed to update your Channel each time new content is added to your main site. You can even add your Twitter and Facebook updates.

So with your Channel set up your content will start to be mixed with other related content to Stumblers. Channels will also start to become recommended.

Stumbleupon also have a successful mobile app. If you are a user then you can start accessing these Channels already. However you won’t be able to actually manage your own personal Channels at this time.


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