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The Ultimate List of Local SEO Resources

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https://www.koozai.com/services/seo/Local PointersIn 2011 I put together a list of 21 Local SEO resources to help those out who were looking to gain a better presence locally in Google. Since then Local SEO has become a highly important element of digital marketing.

The more Google strive to return a personal experience the more it has become important to ensure that you have your Local rankings in place – even if you are targeting a nationwide audience.

Google updates, including the Venice update (which is now quite an old one – however one that a lot of online businesses are still unaware of) mean that if Google deems your search query to have local intent behind it – you will receive local results as part of your result pages.

A lot has changed since the original 2011 post so here is an updated list of resources that will help you conquer Local SEO:

Free Whitepaper

If you’re looking for an in-depth introduction into what Local SEO is and the factors that you need to consider then our free whitepaper is an excellent place to start.

Ranking Factors

Moz have some great Local Search articles on ranking factors, especially with David Mihm joining their team. David is of course a very knowledgeable voice on the subject.

Here are some great articles that cover the possible ranking factors:

The 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors

Top 20 Local Search Ranking Factors: An Illustrated Guide

Announcing the 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors Results

Blogs To Follow

There are a number of active and very helpful blogs on the subject that you really should follow to keep yourself up to date.

Andrew Shotland’s Local SEO Guide blog constantly provides great content on Local Search.

Mike Blumenthal is also a knowledgeable voice on the subject providing regular updates on his blog.

Bright Local also have some good local optimisation information on their blog and is worth checking out.

Local SEO Videos

We have created a number of videos on Local SEO for Koozai TV over the last year or so and here are two of our favourite.

Local SEO and Local Search Rankings


Content Marketing Tips for Local SEO


There are some great infographics that give a great overview on what is needed.

The Local SEO O’Clock

Local SEO O'Clock

(view high-res version)

SEO Ranking Factors Infographic

SEO Ranking Factors

(view high res version)

Which Local Review Sites Should You Try To Get Reviews On?

Local Review Sites

(view high-res version)

Mastering Local SEO Slides from On The Edge Bristol

In June 2013 I spoke about the importance of Local SEO and how to master it. Here is the slide deck:


Tools are of course important to any SEO campaign.

The Google Keyword Planner allows you to get local with your keyword research.

Citations are an important element of Local Search, this is a great tool for finding local citation possibilities.

Setting up Brand Monitoring Tools for your brand gives you the chance to find out as and when you are mentioned. These are potential citations so make sure you check all mentions in case of errors.


Gaining citations is hugely important to help build the influence of your business online and to increase the chance of it being seen as a major brand by the search engines. This is a great list of where you should be looking for them.

People To Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to receive on-going advice, especially when updates are released by Google. There are some good experts on the subject of Local SEO that you really should be following (as well as myself of course @Koozai_Andy) to help keep yourself up to date:


Google Help

And of course there are Google’s help properties. These are always worth checking to make sure you are sticking to the rules:

Google Places Twitter Account

Places For Business Help

Google Maps Help

SEO, be it Local or more generic, always has an element of opinion related to it. Google would never be kind enough to share ranking factors with us but all the advice and resources above more than give you a huge overview on what you need to do to insure you give yourself the best possible opportunity to rank locally.

If there is a resource you feel should be added, let us know.

Image Source

3D Pointer via BigStock
Local Search Ranking Factors 2013 via doublespark


  1. John of LocalBug.co.uk avatar

    Awesome post! Local SEO is certainly a must for any business that serves local customers. This drives not only online traffic but real-world foot traffic as well.

  2. Craig avatar

    Hi Andy, thank your article. Please, can you tell me what is the best way for UK Local SEO ?

    1. Andy Williams avatar

      Hi Craig,

      Everything you need to know will be in this post.

      Locations may change but the tactics remain the same.

  3. Faheem.qasim@converget.com avatar

    Awesom! This infographic is too informative.Thnaks

    1. Andy Williams avatar

      Thanks, glad you liked the post :0)

  4. Martin English avatar

    How would I find a list of local review sites for say Cambodia? As you can imagine it is somewhat backward over here in terms of the internet. Would I just have to check them all myself by going through the internet and finding all the free directory sites?

    1. Andy Williams avatar

      Hi Martin,

      Be careful with free directories. Unless they are business directories with local intent behind them I would stay well away from them. Make sure they are respectable directories too.

  5. Ray Cassidy avatar

    Excellent resource Andy. This will help enormously those entrepreneurs who do try to go it alone! You mention Mike Blumenthal… and I didn’t spot his tool for tracking down categories in G+ and Google Places where it’s still being used. Now that the interface has put paid to custom categories, I have found this to be very useful. Especially as my renewed local listing after a change of address, was rejected because I simply reused my old custom categories. The joys of working too late ;-)

    1. Andy Williams avatar

      Hi Ray,

      Mike Blumenthal is a great Local SEO voice, make sure you follow him on Twitter and keep an eye on his blog, always some great information on there.

      That looks like a great resource too for reviewing categories, thanks for adding :0)

      1. Ray Cassidy avatar

        Cheers Andy, you’re welcome. It’s just nice to be able to contribute – even if it’s by proxy ;-)

  6. Salman Aslam avatar

    Great List. We’ve compiled a list of Local SEO Citation Sources which is worth checking out for Local Businesses

    Thought I’d share it here:

  7. Dan Callis avatar

    Nice updated list, just evernoted for later to have a full scoop about.

    I did see on the Local SEO clock that one tip is “hope personalisation works in your favour”. I think Hallum should update this to “get everyone to like/review your G+ page” for 2013! :D

    1. Andy Williams avatar

      Hi Dan,

      Glad you liked the post.

      Yeap I think Hallum need that update :)

  8. Ydeveloper avatar

    Useful one. Still we haven’t got a satisfied solution for what we need to user – Google+ page or Google+ local page for our business.

    1. Andy Williams avatar

      Hi Ydeveloper,

      Create both. At some stage they will be merged into one big profile so cover you bases. Create a G+ Business page and a G+ Local page.

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