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Andy Williams

5 Useful Social Bookmarking Widgets

23rd Jun 2011 SEO, Link Building, Social Media 3 minutes to read

WidgetsGiving readers a way to bookmark your pages or blog posts has become an important element of any site these days.

Not giving visitors the ability to bookmark now leaves you running the risk of losing them completely. Sharing content has become as much a part of using the Internet as shopping online.

So including a bookmarking widget on your pages is now an important part of any site.

Allowing bookmarking also brings you a number of knock-on benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. These can lead to an improvement in your site’s overall presence online and in the search engines without you having to do a thing.

Increased Traffic
Allowing a reader to bookmark your article, blog post or web page onto a site such as StumbleUpon can lead to a big increase in the traffic you receive. If bookmarked by a power user then their network could be huge.

Obviously this isn’t always going to be the case, but if your pages are being tagged correctly by the end user then there is the potential for them to appear to any number of people who use the site.

Quicker Indexing
The more times your pages are bookmarked the quicker they will be indexed.

If you set a blog post live and it’s bookmarked then it won’t be long before the search engines come crawling.

Submitted to the right place and you could see your pages indexed within 24 hours.

Link Building
Receive a bookmark submission – receive a link. Links are what make the Internet go round. The more you receive the stronger your site and pages become. This point alone should be reason enough to ensure you allow visitors to bookmark.

However like all link sources, some are stronger than others and it’s certainly not the case that one link from one bookmarking site will be the same as another but they all count so allow people to bookmark where they want.

So what widgets are out there? Here are five popular ones to think about:

A hugely popular widget and possibly used the most.

AddThis provides the largest list of social sites and is supported in over 50 languages.

This widget can be customised in any way you wish giving you full access. You can also have toolbars for each different browser you use.

Find it here: http://www.addthis.com/

Sexy Bookmarks
This is possibly the best looking bookmarking widget on the list (and used on this site).

Very easy to use and is available for both WordPress and Blogger sites. You are able to choose all the major social sites. You can also add a Facebook “like” button.

Find it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sexybookmarks/

ShareThis is well used and provides a feature that remembers what you have bookmarked or shared in your account.

This is also available as a bookmarklet which is ideal if your site is being viewed in Chrome.

ShareThis also allows bookmarking via SMS messaging.

The widget can be customised to a point and provides a number of options such as a sharing bar.

Find it here: http://sharethis.com/

Only Wire
Only Wire comes in a free and paid version.

This widget will syndicate your articles and posts to social networking sites simultaneously. If you use the free version you are limited to using the widget on your article section of the site. Only Wire do run checks and your account will be cancelled if they feel you are using the widget beyond the agreement.

The paid version has no such restrictions.

Find it here: http://onlywire.com/

Tell A Friend
Tell A Friend is another popular widget and can easily be added to any blog and even embedded into CMS systems. You are required to create an account in order to get the button but once gained this button will help promote your site across a wide range of social networks. Easy for visitors to use.

Find it here: http://tellafriend.socialtwist.com/

Image Source

Choosing apps via BigStock

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Andy Williams

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