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Create A Winning Facebook Group For Your Business

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With over 600 million users now on Facebook, the platform has become one of the world’s prime pieces of real estate from which to promote yourself or a business. Furthermore it gives you the opportunity to spread news and information virally on a previously unimaginable scale.

One such way this can be achieved is through the use of Facebook Groups, where communities of users with similar interests can interact and share. Any business can create a Facebook group to help reinforce their brands, disseminate information about themselves and start discussions about their industry or business.

Here at Koozai we have our own Koozai group page, which we use to update on progress at the company and engage with any users interested in all things relating to digital marketing – perhaps you have already liked us yourself? Being involved myself with setting up our new groups page after our recent rebranding, I though this would be a prime opportunity to put together a few hints and tips on how you too can put together a winning Facebook groups page.

If you would like to set up your own group page, go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups

Setting Up

Keep in mind a relevant title, category and bio that will not only describe the business/group in a nutshell, but also entice users to start interacting with you – what are USP’s? Also offer up as much information about yourself as possible to give authenticity. As rule of thumb, if it’s on your website it should be here too. Anything like contact details and location should be uploaded.

I would also make the page public to increase the likeliness of getting as many people engaged with the group as quickly as possible. If you’re worried you might get inappropriate or undesirable users associated with the group, you can remove them if needed.

Facebook Friends

To attract an initial targeted base of users associated your group, invite any existing friends that you might have that you think may find the group interesting. This presents an opportunity for the group to go viral as these initial friends can become your champions and start sharing with their friends.

Additionally you could try to share this with any email contacts you might have, as not everyone in the world is on Facebook …. well, not yet at least.

Interesting Content

If you want users to be continually engaged with the group and share it, you need to be updating it with fresh and exciting content all the time. Photos of employees at recent conference or comments about industry news are always a winner. Try and get the whole marketing department sold in on it, every time an employee leaves the office is it an opportunity to create new content through an update or a few photos?

Tracking Success

Of course this is dependent on the size and type of market you are targeting but some things you might want to consider are:

  • number of group members
  • uptake of new members over time
  • drop out of members leaving group

Need Further Help?

If you’re looking to actively promote your business via Facebook or any other social media platform, have a look at our Social Media Services or Facebook Management packages.


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  2. David Durovy avatar

    I have a business Facebook page, and I cannot find anywhere to start a group. You and others write that it is easy to do on a business page, but I cannot figure out how. Groups does not show up as an option on the left on home page. Can you please, please help me? This is driving me nuts!

    1. Mike Essex avatar

      Hi David, since we wrote this article Facebook have moved things around a little. You now need to choose “Pages” on the left side.

      Our free whitepaper details everything you need to know step-by-step https://www.koozai.com//resources/whitepapers/facebook-pages-creating-optimising-analysing/

  3. Daniel Mbhele avatar
    Daniel Mbhele

    I want to advertise my business company on facebook but I can’t manage to create a facebook group because I don’t have a computer. Can you help me do it with my mobile phone right now?

    1. Mike Essex avatar

      Hi Daniel, thanks for getting in touch. The best place to go to for support is the official Facebook help center https://www.facebook.com/help/.

  4. Karena Ancrum avatar

    sweet work, love your look, suits the page well :-)

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