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Andy Williams

Create a Blog – Improve Your Local Search Rankings in Google

24th Mar 2011 News, Industry News, SEO, Local Search, SEO 2 minutes to read

As we all know, Google loves good quality content and the phrase “content is king” has been promoted since the dawn of time.

Most site owners turn to creating a blog as the answer to supplying a continued stream of fresh quality (or so we would hope) content.  But how many sites are using their blog to help improve their local search rankings in Google?

Thought through correctly, your blog can become one of the most powerful tools you have in your local search campaign.

Creating a blog that includes industry, company and promotional news with a local theme will help increase your overall presence within local search rankings.

Here are some tips and ideas:

Make sure the blog is hosted on your site; this ensures that all incoming traffic is coming to your site and not a separate blog. By hosting the blog you are also keeping link strength on-site.

When you are writing your posts where possible look to use local keywords that you’re looking to target through your site. This will give your posts a chance of ranking for local terms relevant to you, increasing your local presence.

Make sure you update your blog regularly. This will help encourage the search engines to come back to your site more frequently as well as keeping your reader base interested. The more fresh content you provide the more readers and search engines will come back.

Become a local voice. Write about events that are going on in the local community. This again highlights your location.

Your blogs should fall into three categories, Industry related posts, company promotion and company publicity.

Blog Pie Chart

Industry Related Posts:
A majority of your posts should be related to your industry. This gives you the chance to offer your expertise and promote your knowledge. However you should be careful not to concentrate solely on your products and services. This is your chance to become creative and grab the interest of your readers. Although this is your blog readers don’t want to constantly hear sales pitches. Your blog needs to encourage people to return.

Create posts including your views, opinions, reviews and reactions.
Posts that create conversation will engage your readers and hold their attention. For example, if you own a Sports shop you can create posts on “the ten most popular running trainers”. Not only will this have more people reading than a sales pitch but you also now give yourself a chance of ranking for people looking for “popular running trainers” for example.

Establishing yourself as a voice and the place to go to for related information will build up your audience.

Company Promotion:
Create posts that are aimed at offering promotions or offers. If you own a store then promoting discounts, sales, vouchers and in store deals is another great way of promoting your business, bringing people into your store and of course highlighting your physical location to the search engines.

Company Publicity:
These posts should be focused on your company. Creating local related posts can help promote your company. Write about new products you have in store, new services you are providing and the achievements of your business. If you are involved in local events, write about it.

These should all be written about and included within your blog.

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Andy Williams
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Andy Williams

Andy Williams will be giving you useful insights into local search and the overall SEO landscape. Andy has over 10 years experience in the SEO industry including 2 years as the in-house SEO consultant with a leading Web Design company.

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