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A New Year’s Resolution For Your Website

4th Jan 2010 SEO Blog 3 minutes to read

With the dawning of a new year, we have the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over again with renewed vigour. Search engine algorithms have undergone a significant makeover in the past 12 months, perhaps it’s time your website does the same.

Websites aren’t a static marketing tool. They can’t be left to stagnate and simply tick over. So don’t let lethargy undermine your efforts so far; if your site is to succeed in 2010 than you need to be prepared to take the fight to your competitors, which means investing time and effort into each of your pages.

The Internet is a constantly expanding organism that mutates at a similarly speedy rate. The techniques and principles that worked just a few years ago will be almost redundant today. So if your website is suffering in the search engine rankings or isn’t getting the levels of targeted traffic you were hoping for, perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at it.

Sometimes patching up a sinking ship is more difficult than just scuppering it and starting again. 2010 might be the year you decide that it is time for an overhaul; new design, new copy and maybe some new marketing strategies could add up to renewed success online.

Keeping Your Content Fresh

Anything can become outdated, particularly in an environment as progressive as the Internet. Rarely is this more evident than in copy. Perhaps the content has always been a little flat, maybe it was written specifically for a bygone promotion or it could just be that you want to inject a little more life into your content; whatever your reasoning, writing new content is a great way to reinvigorate your website.

You probably don’t need me to tell you that copy will also help with your SEO efforts. Search engines use content to help determine your site ranking, extracting information that helps to build relevance for your pages to their individual key terms.

With key terms in mind, you might also want to review the words and phrases you are currently targeting and see if you can develop them at all. In the past you may have simply chosen the most obvious examples without considering competition or search volume rates. Looking into these and refocusing your headings, Meta and copy could well pay dividends in your search engine rankings over the coming 12 months.

Exploring New Internet Marketing Opportunities

If you’re confident in what your website has to offer but are unable to get noticed on search engines due to a prohibitive competition rate and the relative ‘greenness’ of your domain, then you might want to consider other areas of online marketing to back up your SEO work. PPC advertising and social media are two great opportunities for you to get exposure for your brand and attract new avenues of targeted traffic.

Whether 2009 was a success for your business or not, now is the time to start taking steps to ensure that you enjoy measurable progress in 2010. Nobody is impervious to a sudden drop in fortunes, especially with the likely changes in search engines in the coming months; so the sooner you take steps to improve your site, including copy, SEO and general visibility, the better your chances of being able to look back on a successful year in 365 days time.

Don’t be afraid to make necessary changes and get impartial opinions where possible. Websites can become a very personal entity, particularly if you have taken the time to design and/or write the content, so it is understandably challenging to remove yourself from the process and undo much of your previous efforts. There’s no place for nostalgia when it comes to Internet marketing though, so ensure your website is progressive and embodies what is expected of it by search engines and visitors.

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