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Cat Fyson

4 Epic Content Marketing Campaigns For The Financial Sector

28th Aug 2014 SEO 5 minutes to read

writers blockFor those not directly involved in it, the finance industry can often be seen as a boring sector. Even those in the business may find it initially difficult to come up with fresh, imaginative ideas which will lead to conversions. However, as these four absolutely epic Content Marketing examples prove, even the plainest of industries can be creative if approached from the right angle.

Take a look at the four we have included. Let us know what you think – do you agree? Is there a campaign you’d like to add? Get in touch in the comments section.

Barclay’s Business Resource


Any financial business worth their salt needs to be able to demonstrate their expertise – and Content Marketing is the perfect channel to present your company’s knowledge.

Barclay’s have done this particularly well with their Business Resource, which shares plenty of actionable advice for their target audience of business owners, at the various stages of their journey in setting up and maintaining a business.

By being the go-to resource for business advice throughout the entire business building cycle, Barclay’s are able to build up significant trust within the industry.

They’ve then capitalised on this trust by including clear calls-to-action (CTA), encouraging users to apply to Barclays for more information and expert guidance.

By showcasing that they had the skills and knowledge that businesses require, Barclays made themselves both desirable and trustworthy within an industry where trust is instrumental to good business.

What can you do?

Collate finance resources from within your business and share plenty of expert advice with your target audience.

Create a micro-site or separate section on your existing site to collect all the information in one place. Include a simple CTA within each piece, offering more expertise, to help drive conversions.

Compare The Meerkat

Compare The Meerkat

Love it or hate it, Compare The Market have done a brilliant job of creating buzz around their Compare The Meerkat site, which includes a variety of content including videos and a game where you can compare meerkats such as Pilotkat and Bellykat.

Beginning back in 2009, the campaign saw the fictional character Aleksandr complain how he kept receiving visitors to his meerkat comparison site who were actually looking for the similarly named insurance comparison website.

Whilst most of the site content is not at all about comparing insurance, if you decide to claim some much coveted meerkat merchandise, you will be subtly directed to the Compare The Market rewards page where you enter your details to enquire about insurance policies.

From launch, the campaign rocketed the brand into the stratosphere; with traffic to the Compare the Market website rising 200% year-on-year within the first three months (Source: Marketing Magazine). Comparethemarket.com is now the fourth most visited insurance site within the UK, and Aleksandr the meerkat has a best-selling book.

What Can You Do?

Whilst meerkats have absolutely nothing to do with the finance industry, they have quickly evolved to become the life and soul of this comparison site; helping it stand out from a sea of similarity and establish itself as an original, forward thinking brand.

Try to find a quality or USP which makes your business stand out, and develop content around that idea. It can be anything from your origins, to the way you deal with customers, to similarities in your name.

Money Supermarket

Money Supermarket

As mentioned earlier, trust is a huge factor when it comes to doing well within the finance industry. People and businesses need to trust whoever is dealing with their money.

One great way to establish your brand as a trustworthy source is to build a community. Offer members exclusive incentives and advice in order to draw in customers and instate your position as a market leader.

Money Supermarket have the ‘Ask an Expert’ section of their forum, in which people can put forward finance questions and have them answered by the collective community.

As you can see, question views have surpassed the thousands for some posts, with almost all questions being replied to.

What Can You Do?

Use your knowledge to create content that solves problems.

Take advantage of tools such as Ubersuggest to identify financial terms and questions which people are searching for and then use the expertise within your business to create content as an answer to these issues.

You can also use campaigns like this to help establish what it is exactly your audience wants from your brand, and help build a community of loyal followers.

John Paulson – Mahi FX


John Paulson is an American hedge fund manager, and founder of Paulson & co investment management. He’s also very, very rich.

He needed to generate interest and awareness around a new brand with a new website in a highly competitive market; and so this fun tool was created.

Type in your salary (in dollars) and you are presented with some tongue in cheek stats about how long it takes for John Paulson to make your annual income, and how long it would take you to earn his – plus some other stuff that to some might borderline on a bit too depressing cheeky.

It also has social sharing functions, in case you fancy showing your friends what a pauper you are in comparison.

If your hero is Leo DiCaprio’s character, Jordan Belfort from The Wolf Of Wall Street, then this tool is really going to appeal to you.

But in all seriousness; it makes data look interesting, fun and controversial – and is perfect for the intended audience: traders and serious finance geeks.

What Can You Do?

Don’t be afraid to be a bit different. Tap into what your audience are stimulated by – in this case, money – and work from there.

Don’t feel limited by the constraints of your blog either. There are plenty of ways to create outstanding, intriguing content, both on site and off. This example uses a visual, interactive approach to turn what could have been very dry data into a fun and shareable experience. You’re only limited by your budget and your imagination, so get cracking.

Find Out More

Whether you’re unsure of where to get started when it comes to creating a Content Marketing strategy, or you simply require advice and guidance on the subject; contact Koozai for all your content and SEO needs.

Our experienced team will help you put together a creative and imaginative Content Marketing campaign that’ll make any industry look interesting.

Click here to speak to a member of our team today.

Image Credits:

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