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Cat Birch

We’ve Expanded Into Bigger And Better Offices In London

9th Feb 2017 News 2 minutes to read

We’ve Expanded Into Bigger And Better Offices In London

We continue to go from strength to strength here at Koozai, and we are very proud to announce that our London branch has expanded into even bigger and better offices.

Looking to the future and our continued expansion, we are delighted with this change as it marks a growth in our team and direction of the company.

If you follow us on social, you’ve probably seen us brimming with excitement for a while now, along with some sneak peeks at our new digs. If not, here’s what we’ve done and why:

Why New Offices?

The team continues to grow and we need to accommodate it. We also thought this change would give us a building that’s as impressive as our team and services.

We had outgrown our other space and wanted a place that reflected who we are as an agency. The new building marks the start of a new chapter at Koozai – one we’re very excited about.

Koozai Digital Marketing Agency

Koozai at Albert House

It’s not just the prospect of moving into bigger offices that is getting us excited here at Koozai; it’s also the amazing building that we’re now a part of.

We’re delighted to be residents at the awesome Albert House, Old Street, London, boasting a wide range of facilities, a rooftop garden, a gym, a deckchair theatre, a bar and more. We know this will be an awesome place for us to flex our creative muscles even more than ever, so we’re excited to see how the team gets on there.

It’s not all fun and games, though; Albert House also offers event spaces, co-working, meeting rooms and focus booths, which will allow us to continually deliver awesome campaigns and results.

The man, the legend, the CEO Ben Norman is over the moon with our growth, adding, “Our continued success means that we’re recruiting for a host of new and exciting positions in both Southampton and London. We’re looking for talented marketers to help us grow our service to meet the needs of our fast-expanding client base. We can offer a fun and relaxed atmosphere where people can harness their digital skills. I truly believe this new space will help with that.”

The new Shoreditch-based office is part of our manifesto. We are focused on business growth but also want to give our Koozians the space to think creatively. This new environment will certainly do that.

So, stay tuned to see what happens next for Koozai. To say we’re excited about what’s to come is an understatement.

Koozai Digital Marketing

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Cat Birch

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