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What We Have Loved From Content Marketing During 2014

11th Dec 2014 Content Marketing Blog 5 minutes to read

What We Have Loved From Content Marketing During 2014

Another year has passed, and it’s been another epic one for Content Marketing! From campaigns to tools and updates, there’s been a lot to savour. So, to pay homage to the things we’ve loved in 2014, here’s a roundup of the best bits from Content Marketing. Enjoy.

Throughout the year we have kept you guys up-to-date with awesome campaigns from specific industries; Content Marketing for charities, finance and Ecommerce, but in addition to these we’ve also been impressed by the following:



Uber Blog

One of the best blogs this year has been from the guys at Uber. It comes as no surprise that the app-based taxi service isn’t just nailing the digital space from an application perspective, but also from a Content Marketing one too. One of our favourites is the #UberData category, which encompasses lots of cool posts dedicated to data visualisations. As you can imagine, with so much data at their fingertips, there’s lots of awesome information shared, like which is the most well-travelled country.


Kapost Blog

We love Kapost’s Content Marketeer blog – and when they were brutally honest about the failure of one of their own campaigns, with a subsequent blog post called How We Sc****d Up A Brilliant Marketing Campaign – we loved it just that little bit more. It’s a fascinating read for anyone looking to avoid the pitfalls that come Content Marketers’ way.

Hat tip to @Hr_Gardiner for this suggestion.


NATS – A Day Over The UK

If the goal of your Content Marketing campaign is to earn media (whose isn’t?), then NATS nailed it with their data visualisation showing air traffic coming into and out of the UK. With coverage in the BBC, DailyMail, ITV, Telegraph, plus much more, it was a huge hit. It just goes to show you, internal resources, data and expertise can be leveraged perfectly to create truly outstanding content.

20th Century Fox: Devil Baby Attack

Whilst this isn’t exactly my preferred type of movie, the preceding content campaign worked perfectly to generate the required exposure for the forthcoming movie title. This comes with a warning if you want to watch it and haven’t seen the Devil Baby Attack – it’s pretty scary. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Virgin Atlantic’s Curated Instagram Galleries

Virgin Atlantic Instagram

When it comes to travel content – visual is the best way to go. Some brands do Instagram well and others do it exceptionally well. Step forward Virgin Atlantic. This year, the airline’s Instagram account produced some amazing content, from city landmarks to themed galleries. One of the most targeted series was titled Between Meetings, which gave travelling business types visual tips whilst they frequent places all around the world.



For exercise tips and inspiration, Nike has continued its mammoth assault on the digital landscape. The way Nike use their Instagram account not only gets fitness freaks motivated, it is also an unbelievably effective way of showcasing new and existing products, as well as curating user-generated-content.


ASOS: Unboxing

It wouldn’t be a ‘best of’ post in digital without featuring something from ASOS. This year they took a rather mundane task of opening a box, but used it as an opportunity to showcase some of its products. With the added hashtag #ASOSunbox they also encouraged other users to show their purchases being unboxed when they get delivered. The result – more encouragement to buy online.


One of the first brands to truly leverage the power of Vine, Oreo created some memorable pieces of content this year. Our favourites? #Snackhacks and #Oreolab got us hooked for quite a few loops. See them for yourself above.


Pet Plan

Pet Plan

With over 40k followers, Pet Plan has truly embraced what Pinterest was set up for, the sharing of awesome pictures. Naturally, pet pictures lend themselves very well to this platform, but Pet Plan have gone further than cute dogs and cats. The use of their themes for boards is pretty ingenious, e.g. ‘pet health tips’, ‘dog costumes’ and even ‘take your pet to work week’ – not to mention their board dedicated to understanding the different dog breeds.


Burberry and 4OD

My Burberry

The best future content will be personalised and tailored. As Content Marketers, we must see ourselves as engagers, not interrupters – and Burberry are going some way to achieving this. Their latest campaign with 4OD perfectly epitomises how new technology and user habits can help to create awe-inspiring content. Users logged into their 4OD account get to see a perfume bottle with their initials engraved, which is displayed during the advert.


YouGov Profiles


To really understand your audience and customers, you need to spend a great deal of time creating profiles and bios. The process can be long-winded, and you may end up creating more personas than you intended. With YouGov Profiles, there’s a simpler way. Whilst this may not create all the personas you require, it does give you a huge helping hand when it comes to user profiling. Enter your search term, sit back and watch your audience profile unravel.



Admittedly, Issuu has been around for a while now. But it was this year when it came onto our radar, and we’re really excited about where this platform will go in years to come. Effectively it allows you to create online magazine-style publications. At the moment it is taking the fashion, culture and local verticals by storm – and with 80 million active readers, it’s clear to see why brands want to tap into it.

Best Piece Of The Year

The Lego Movie

Okay, so you probably weren’t expecting to hear that the best piece of content in 2014 was the Lego movie. It’s up for debate, but hear me out. When you give it some thought, it was actually a really savvy piece of branded content. The clever bit was that at no point were you thinking, this is just an advert for Lego, such was the strength of the content.
But, as it did rake in over $250 million – it can be strongly argued that The Lego Movie was the best piece of Content Marketing in 2014. Certainly one that generated the most money.

What do you think? Do you agree with any of our suggestions? If there’s something we’ve missed, we’d certainly like to hear your thoughts.

And if any of the above pieces has inspired you, get in touch to see how Koozai can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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