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Seasonal Content Creation – The Dos and Don’ts

17th Nov 2015 Content Marketing Blog 3 minutes to read

Seasonal Content Creation – The Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to creating a successful seasonal content strategy, there are a number of common traps that brands and businesses can fall into.

But if used in the correct manner, seasonality can be an all-important tool in a Content Marketer’s vast arson of content creation weaponry.

So instead of creating cringeworthy content littered with tenuous seasonal links that’s greeted with a frosty reception: opt for seasonal pieces that work.

Seasonal Content: The Positives

There are countless reasons why – if well thought out and implemented as part of a considered strategy – seasonal content can work wonders:

  • Relevancy – Producing seasonal content means you are consistently creating content that is highly relevant to your audience; this adds value for your audience and increases your chances of creating a genuine buzz and resonating with them.
  • Context – Seasonal pieces work well because they give your content immediate context. Clear hype around a given season means your target audience is already geared up for associated content. This makes life easier when it comes to promoting your work too.
  • Helpful – No one likes seeing content that’s just been produced for the sake of it. Content centred around a season that’s already being talked about is more likely to be helpful to, and valued by, your audience.
  • Perceptions – Creating compelling and meaningful seasonal content communicates the crucial message that your brand is current. This drives the perception that your brand image is on point and knows its place and audience inside out.

Come rain or shine, if executed in the right way, seasons can be used to create cracking content tied in with what’s happening in the world.

Seasonal Content: Potential Pitfalls

On the flipside, there are a number of common traps that brands and businesses risk falling into. Ensure your seasonal content isn’t a washout by addressing the following:

Avoid Shoehorning

It’s a common trap to cram in seasonal tie-ins to otherwise uninspiring pieces, in the hope that these tenuous seasonal links will propel a particular piece to viral stardom.

Whilst it may seem like you’re creating something innovative and different, seasonal content can at times appear to be littered with links and references which struggle to add value to the piece.

Seasonal content can sometimes be guilty of shoehorning metaphors or seasonal clichés into the overall message. So, avoid these clichés to try and fit your content more closely to a given season or holiday.

Embrace A Different Approach

Avoid thinking about a holiday or season and then attempting to fit content around it. Instead, flip it on its head and embrace the following approach:

  • Focus on your brand, products or services and how your offering/service naturally fits into the season
  • Source real connections which are genuine and authentic
  • Deliver relevant and helpful content

Ticking these boxes will ensure you avoid weak links and focus your approach on producing genuine content with real connections to the seasons.

Don’t Lose Your Audience

Large Group of Student in The Conference Room

Try and stay clear of titles such as “why a brand is most like a snowman”, or “countdown to Christmas with our products”. These posts will struggle to engage your audience and draw them in. The last thing you want to do is churn out content that lacks originality.

With a shift in mindset towards naturally fitting a season into the brand’s content marketing strategy, you will produce richer content with more genuine value.

This technique will be more trusted and your content will be seen as more authentic by your target audience too.

Time Is Of The Essence

Vintage alalrm clock

When it comes to seasonal-based content, timing is also important.

Knowing when to publish content can be a tricky balancing act. Maximise interest and visibility by publishing content just before the height of the seasonal spike, whilst carefully ensuring you’re not too premature in your efforts.

It’s crucial to get your timing spot on by keeping a close eye on trends – mistime this and you could miss the boat.

The Power Of Seasonal Content

Women's shoes and autumn foliage

If delivered in the right way, seasonal content unlocks an exciting door to deliver relevant, on point and amusing content which will resonate with your audience.

By using the correct techniques, seasonal content will also be remembered for all the right reasons.

Impress your audience with jaw-dropping seasonal content that works.

If you would like to find out more about different content marketing strategies, content types and techniques, speak to Koozai today.

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