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4 Tools to Help You Create Engaging Digital Content

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Creating compelling content that people want to read but also works for organic search doesn’t have to be tricky or expensive. Knowing what tools are out there to help you get it right is the key to starting the process, allowing you to progress from content strategy through to the creation of engaging content that gets in front of the eyes of your target audience.

These tools range from content discovery and gap analysis through to ideation and inspiration assistance and creation itself. We’ve provided a run down on a selection of tools that are sure to help you create engaging content, plus we use all of these here at Koozai, so we know firsthand just how useful they are!

1. Google Keyword Planner

Although keyword research may have already been completed during an initial research and strategy phase, Keyword Planner is a really useful tool to revisit whenever you need some help with digital content inspiration or assistance for an existing idea. Using the ‘keyword discovery’ tool within keyword planner will allow you to find the best terms for your business, or else be used to look further into one specific subject, and how users are searching for it. It’s a tool you can use for a plethora of digital content too – blog posts, landing pages, category pages and product pages are just a handful of examples. We find Keyword Planner particularly useful for blog posts, as it can help you find more niche long tailed keywords for you to target.

2. Answer the Public

Answer The Public is a tool we’ve previously talked about on the blog, as it’s simple to use, offers free data options and spits out some really useful ideas for content creation. Enter a keyword of your choice and it will provide details of what users are searching for that are linked to this keyword. This is great for blog post ideas as it gives you lots of long-tail questions and sentences, such as ‘how to’, ‘what is’ etc, and each term is backed by search data, so you know users are actively looking for these terms. You can develop these ideas into blogs around the topics of your choice, meaning you get to write about what you want, but in a search-friendly way that will help to drive traffic to your site.

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3. Canva

Canva is a brilliant content marketing tool that comes in at the creation end of the content journey. You can easily get by using the free version, but there’s also a paid option if you want to unlock more imagery etc. There are various blank and pre-designed templates you can edit for a plethora of uses, so it’s really easy to design something that looks professional. We haven’t even scratched the surface of Canva’s full capabilities, so it’s well worth exploring for content creation.

4. Semrush

Semrush is another tool that we use a great deal at Koozai. This one is aimed towards those who are more serious about their content marketing and SEO efforts, as it requires payment to get the most out of it. The keyword magic tool works in a similar way to Answer The Public – you add your keyword or topic and it will come back with related short, and long tail queries and questions relevant to your input. However, what makes it more useful, is you get the search volume listed beside each term. This means you can explore the most popular terms when you come to writing your content to ensure it’s optimised as effectively as possible.

In summary

There’s a whole host of great tools available to help you create engaging content quickly and affordably throughout all parts of the content creation journey. We hope the four we’ve highlighted in this blog post prove useful for your content marketing efforts. If you need more help or support with your content creation, please feel free to get in contact with us.

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