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How an SEO Copywriter Can Add Value to Your Website

26th May 2010 Content Marketing Blog 4 minutes to read

An SEO Copywriter has plenty to offer, producing content that produces conversions and context for search engine rankings; but how do they add value to a website?

A successful website relies on numerous components coming together to work in harmony. Firstly the design has to attract attention and portray professionalism. Next, your architecture has to be logical and easy to follow. Of course your business or subject matter also has to have wide appeal or a solid niche market.

But underpinning all of this is your content. A good design without text is flawed. Architecture without guidance is ineffective. A business without a voice can’t compete.

Content will help you to get your message across. It will ensure your visitors understand what you offer, how to get it and give them confidence. Importantly though, it can also help you to convert.

Whatever your definition of a conversion is – be it a sale, a newsletter sign up or a new client – good content can help you to achieve it. Language has the power to communicate and inspire. It provides assistance and reassurance, which perfectly backs up your site’s other facets.

Engaging Your Visitors

Your homepage needs to welcome guests. It should leave them in no doubt what you offer and encourage them to explore your pages further.

But of course the homepage isn’t your site’s only entry point. If you have properly optimised a site, each page should rank for its own keywords and phrases. Every page is a miniature site and needs to be treated as such.

This is where a good Copywriter comes in. Not only will they understand the importance of audience engagement, they should also give each page its own unique character.

Customised Content Style and Tone

Let’s give this all a little bit of context. If you have a product page, the tone and message are likely to be very different to your About Us area. The product page is there solely to get the sale. Content therefore plays a pivotal part in convincing a visitor that this is the item for them and that they should buy it here and now. Not an easy thing to do.

Conversely, an About Us page is all about informing the inquisitive guest. It has nothing particular to sell apart from trust in your business; therefore the tone of language is likely to be very different. It is no less important, but the writing style has to be adapted.

With this example in mind, a Copywriter can add value by separating out your pages and identifying the core purpose of each. They can write content that is optimised so that search engines can easily contextualise a page. That very same content can also guide visitors to an intended action (including making a purchase, going to the next appropriate page or contacting your sales representatives).

Writing for Human Visitors and Search Engines

A well-written website can only inspire confidence. Knowing how much to write, how it should be formatted and where key points need to be presented falls under the jurisdiction of a Copywriter. Whilst we all have the ability to write content, SEO Copywriters understand how to write in such a way to get the maximum benefit for a website.

Having an understanding of what the search engines are looking for whilst also engaging an audience isn’t always straightforward. Much like a good design can be undermined by shoddy architecture, using too many keywords or following antiquated SEO text theories can ruin your content for human visitors. When writing, a good Copywriter will be mindful of SEO keywords, but guided by the audiences needs.

Content, as you are probably already well aware, is one of the core founding principles. Along with links, the text you use is vital in improving search engine visibility.

Search engine spiders are blind to your imagery and other visual trickery. All they can see is your link structure, site architecture and content. From this they must derive the search terms to rank you for and calculate your position in relation to other sites.

Therefore without content, your site will struggle to appear on Google. As already established, a good SEO Copywriter will ensure you’re seen. They can take your keywords and synonyms and weave them into a seamless body of text.

Earning Conversions and Rankings

As we know, a good search engine ranking for a relevant keyword can attract high levels of targeted traffic. But traffic is just a statistic if you aren’t able to convert it into something more meaningful. This is why all the individual pieces in the website jigsaw need to come together.

A great piece of content won’t earn a search engine ranking on its own. It needs a strong link profile to provide essential SEO support. Equally it might not even guarantee a conversion, especially on a poorly presented site with over-priced goods and a record for bad customer care.

A Copywriter can cover over the cracks to a certain extent, but they can’t perform miracles. If, however, you do already have a decent site and a good competitive business, they can really add value to your site. They will provide the voice that you have been lacking. They will reach out to visitors and demand their attention. Ultimately they will make a good site better.

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