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7 Ways a Copywriter Can Help Improve Your Site’s SEO

11th Mar 2010 Content Marketing Blog 5 minutes to read

With content playing such an important part in determining search engine rankings, we take a look at 7 ways a Copywriter can help improve your SEO.

You won’t need me to remind you of just how important content is for the success of your site. It is an informative guide, sales pitch and global marketing strategy all rolled in to one. As such, the Internet is awash with content. Good or bad, in vast or minute quantities, the written word is the universal language that every site shares.

In terms of SEO performance, it isn’t just what you write, but how you do it and where you position it. A natural tone is a must, but so too are anchor text links, keywords and a call to action. It can be a confusing process, which is why you might consider enlisting some additional help. If you need any more convincing, here are 7 areas that a copywriter can help boost your SEO:

1) Site Copy
Let’s start with the most obvious shall we. The actual content of your website will be used by search engines to decide what terms to rank you for. The challenge therefore is to balance the needs of a search engine and human visitors. Search engines need to have clear indicators, which come in the form of keywords, phrases and synonyms within the on-page copy. Visitors just want to be guided, informed and reassured.

Keywords can be used sparsely. Natural flow with occasional references (in the right places) will provide enough context for search engines. Optimising copy isn’t just about keywords though. Structure and an appropriate length will help you achieve the rankings you deserve for the terms you’re targeting.

2) Articles
Moving off-site now, articles are another great way of attracting attention. Creating informative, original content that will interest blog owners and targeted search traffic isn’t easy. Articles need to be treated as an extension of your site; after all, they will be linking to it. As such, you can’t just hope to syndicate any old article. Not if you want the best results anyway.

A copywriter can help you to create top notch articles. Generating something that has been well researched, is written in an engaging fashion and is optimised for search engines. Include an author’s bio with an embedded text link and you have the potential for some decent inbound links.

3) Hubs
Working on a similar principle to article writing, hubs provide another off-site opportunity to boost SEO. Sites like HubPages and Squidoo allow offer free web space to host your content. Best of all, you can include embedded links back to your site. This not only provides a new stream for targeted traffic but, yep, you guessed it, also builds up your linking profile.

You can interlink your hubs, marketing them independently of your site. This in turn builds up their individual strength, which ultimately improves the quality of the links coming into your site – remember, strength in circles. It might sound a little complicated or even farfetched, but hubs really can work. So get some professionally written articles, format it into a hub, insert some links and watch your linking profile grow.

4) Press Releases
Often batched into the workload of the similarly acronymed PR, a Copywriter can help you to create a well-optimised press release. By using a professional submission service like PRWeb you can gain great exposure and have your release featured on major news sites and search engines. The quality of writing will again influence whether or not site owners choose to host your press release, so getting it right is essential.

If there is anything newsworthy going on with your website, be it a new cutting edge product or a development within one of the services you offer, announce it in style. Whilst it will cost money to do properly, the benefits could be long-standing. With your press release gaining a search engine ranking in its own right, it will attract attention from your targeted traffic. Of course the embedded links, as with articles and hubs, will serve to give a healthy shot in the arm for your SEO too.

5) Blogs
What better way to promote your business than a blog? It is a regular source of new content (which search engines love) and helps to build your authority within an industry (which visitors love). A blog gives a site personality. It is an aside to all your static pages. It is also a good opportunity to build your linking profile, gain extra rankings and shoehorn in a few keywords.

The more pages a site has, the more opportunities it has to gain a ranking. But you don’t want your site crammed with unnecessary pages. So a blog allows you to build in new content without visitors having to claw through dozens of aimless areas. But if you want to gain the maximum benefit, both for your SEO and site in general, you need to have content that connects. Something original, something interesting, something that people will want to read.

6) Headlines
Whatever you’re writing, you need a headline. In SEO the headline (usually a H1 tag) carries extra importance. It is the clearest indication to search engine crawlers what your content is all about. Therefore ensuring that you have an optimised headline that will attract attention and clicks is vital. For blogs and articles, a question style headline often works well. Encouraging readers to offer their comments and feedback.

A copywriter can help you to identify the keywords and construct an emotive headline.

7) Promotional Materials
Whether you’re involved in email marketing, publishing newsletters or even social media campaigns, you need exceptional content. But how does this help SEO? Well, every promotional item you send out contains links. This encourages a viral form of SEO to take place, with users sharing links and generally spreading awareness of your site.

SEO isn’t just about following one linear path. You have to be prepared to explore new routes to strengthen your site, particularly when you have already completed all of the above. People respond to written language that speaks directly to them. If you can populate every page of your site and various satellite marketing materials with exceptional content, half the battle is already won.

Content is the ultimate link bait. Links are the lifeblood of search engines. Therefore content and links are inextricably linked, and both are key elements for SEO. Just as a higher quality of link will provide a greater benefit, the same is also true of copy. If you want people to find your site, inspire them to link to you and ultimately improve your conversions, you need a copywriter and all the benefits they bring.

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