This is a when a ‘soft product launch’ gives companies an opportunity to release a basic version of a product in order to get customer attention and feedback before the full version is launched.

a method in marketing research where multiple variables in a control scenario are simultaneously changed and the ensuing alternate strategies tested, in order to improve the effectiveness of the final marketing strategy.

A way of trying to keep a user ‘trapped’ on a webpage by implementing some sneaky tricks such as stopping the ‘back’ button from working or bombarding the user with pop-ups. We don’t recommend this tactic as users are unlikely to return to the site.

This is the name tag for a webpage. Not the H1 or ‘page title’, but it appears in the browser tab and describes what page you’re on. These are read by search engines, so you want to ensure it includes keywords.

Tags to describe various aspects about a Web page.

A tool that will output META tags based on input page information.

A search engine which gathers results from a variety of other search engines which is then ranked for the user in a certain order, perhaps price or availability. Sites like Skyscanner and Kayak are examples of metasearch engines.

A meta description is the sentence you see underneath the main SERP entry. It’s used to describe the page, which is useful for searcher, but also, it’s important to use keywords too for the search engine’s benefit.

A media kit is something a blogger or a magazine might send to PRs to provide them with their rates for different posts, articles, adverts etc.

Martech is a blend of the words marketing and tech, which is technology that helps with marketing.

Marketing automation software helps marketers work more efficiently and, in some cases, effectively by automating repetitive tasks. Things like social media posting and email marketing can be automated, which can also be set up to offer the customer a more personalised experience.

Gathering information about your business’ target market so you know precisely what audiences to market to.

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