Bloggers who contribute to other websites’ or brands blogs.

A direct publicity technique that aims to cause an emotional or surprising reaction to ensure the brand is memorable without spending too much budget.

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that allows you to host a variety of tracking codes, pixels, and tags – thus removing the need to rely on developers and hard coding of each tag.

A free web service that allows webmasters to monitor website performance and visibility.

A feature of Google’s search engine that shows search results as the keyword query is being typed.

a free tool from Google that lets users make custom reports with data from Google’s marketing services and external sources.

A free Google tool that measures and reports on website traffic.

The old name for Google Ads. Some may still refer to it as Google AdWords or just AdWords

Google’s self-serving advertising platform that lets marketers serve ads across Google and partner networks.

A targeting method that serves content to site visitors based on their location.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and was updated in 2018 to ensure that customer data is protected, kept up to date and consent is gained from the individual for their data to be stored. Individuals can also request their data is removed from a database.

Unlike 08 numbers, 03 numbers cost the same to call as geographic landline numbers (starting 01 and 02), even from a mobile phone. They are also normally included in your inclusive call minutes. Please note we may record some calls.

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