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Page One Domination: How To Protect Your Brand Search Results

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Tom explains how to fight back against negative publicity and reviews online and regain control of your identity. (Transcript)

Page One Domination

Own The Search Engines With Your Brand Name

Drive Traffic To Your Site, Not Away From It

You’ve gone to great lengths developing a strong brand and you are encouraging customers to find you online, but what happens when they type your name into the search engines?

First of all, they may not be able to find you, especially if you’re not on page one. It’ll be even worse though if they were to find negative listings ranking for your brand name. What if there’s page after page of unflattering reviews, blog posts and forum comments set up to discourage customers from using your business. This will tarnish your brand perception online and potentially influence people’s buying decisions.

In these circumstances, how damaging would that be if your customers searched for your brand online? The answer is very. But we won’t let this happen, not if you use our Page One Domination service.

Say ‘Bye Bye’ To Negative Listings

Whether you already have negative listings ranking for your brand name, or you want to protect your brand in case this happens in future, don’t let the “brand terrorists” win. They’ll hijack your name and pollute your brand terms via:

  • Bad PR
  • Negative Reviews
  • Counterfeit Sites
  • Stolen Domain Names
  • Damaging Forum Threads

Whilst we can’t control what people say on the Internet, that’s the nature of the beast unfortunately, we can ensure damaging comments don’t impact your brand. If the search results contain a litany of negative listings, Page One Domination ensures these get pushed down and out of the way. Out of sight, out of mind.

There are a number of ways in which we’ll achieve this. From optimising social profiles and company news to videos and customer reviews, before you know it, you’ll rule the first page for your branded terms.

Say ‘Hello’ To Koozai

Before you ask, no, we’re not magicians, and we don’t pretend to have a mythical deal in place with Google. We’re experienced professionals who know exactly what we’re doing.

Page One Domination is something unique to Koozai, and we’re very proud to offer you this service. We want to give you the control over your brand terms, enhancing exposure, and ultimately driving additional traffic to your site.

Our team know what it takes to succeed, and believe us, they’re driven to succeed. So, if you want your business to take-over page one of the search engines, get in touch with us today. You owe it to your brand.

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