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How To Be Seen As A Brand By The Search Engines

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Search engines treat well known brands with better results than other sites. So how can you be seen as a well known brand? Tara investigates. (Transcript)

Brand Management Services

Monitoring And Protecting Your Most Important Asset – Your Brand

Stay In Control of Your Brand Image

Isn’t it frustrating when you go to create a social media profile, only to find that someone else has taken your business name? Or how about when someone says something about your business online, only for you to find out about it months later, after the moment has passed? Annoying? Yes. Unavoidable? No.

As the Internet grows, it’s all too common for brands to lose control of their image. Whether it’s the way your business is perceived or the way your name is used, you need to monitor what people are saying and protect your own image.

At Koozai, we’ll make this happen.

Proactive Brand Management

You’ve heard the saying ‘being first is everything’ right? Well when it comes to brand management, this is our mantra.

As your business continues to grow, you need to take a more proactive approach to your brand management, so you can stay in control of the situation. Our brand protection and monitoring services are designed so that brand hijackers don’t get the better of your business.

Whilst you may sometimes feel powerless online, we’ll give you the strength to succeed, simply by putting your brand first.

Choose Koozai

Okay, so you need to keep your ear to the ground, but do you really have the time, resources and expertise to achieve this? If not, you may want to keep reading.

Our approach is both comprehensive and methodical. Whether it’s monitoring, protecting or dominating markets, we use an array of established tools and proven strategies to ensure that no stone is left unturned. This will give you the peace of mind that your brand is well looked after.

Let us do what we’re good at, so you can carry on doing what you are good at. Come and speak to Koozai today and start looking after number one.

Koozai’s Brand Management Services:

  • Brand Monitoring

    Brand Monitoring

    Establish what is being said about your brand, both good and bad. We will track your brand mentions over time, identifying particular trends, and provide you with a detailed report giving you all the insight that you need. Stay on top of what people are saying about you.

  • Brand Protection

    Brand Protection

    It’s important that you are able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is well protected. We will take charge and register your brand on over 300 social media websites helping you to put a stop to anyone else securing them before you do.

  • Page One Domination

    Page One Domination

    Wouldn’t it be nice if your company totally dominated the front page of Google for your brand name? Depict and control your brand’s online coverage, so that when someone searches for your brand, they’ll be presented with positive listings and pages about your business.

  • Advanced Website Analytics

    Advanced Website Analytics

    Do you ever want to know what your customers are doing when they visit your site? Our Advanced Website Analytics service allows you do exactly that. It’s sneaky yet smart.

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Loyal Insurance
Duncan Spencer, Managing Director, Loyal Insurance
Quote Start Koozai have also been absolutely integral to our Brand Protection campaign. They ensured we have claimed all of our profiles on the top trending social media platforms to help us protect our brand identity online. Quote End
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