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  • Harry Gardiner
    Ecommerce Sites: How You Should Do Content Marketing

    18-09-2014 10-26-56In case you didn’t already know, Ecommerce and Content Marketing are a match made in heaven. Seriously – both sectors consistently employ new trends and technologies, and both have seen considerable growth over the last couple of years.

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  • John Waghorn
    Short and Long Term Content Marketing Goals

    Goals-300x200When you are working on your content marketing campaigns, it’s up to you to decide if you are going to focus on short term, long term, or a mixture of both of these individual goals. Your own strategy, when encompassing these goals, will be more succinct and will enable you to visualise where you are heading, as well as observe if actual progress is being made.

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  • Graeme Benge
    The Koozai Guide To Using Crazy Egg

    CrazyEggCrazy Egg is an Analytics tool, it’s a CRO tool, it’s an SEO tool, it’s a PPC tool. As much as it has been said before of other tools, I really think this is the Swiss Army knife of Digital Marketing tools and more than just a heat map. We use Crazy Egg at Koozai to help make sense of user conversion and engagement behaviour. We love it, so much so, we’ve put together this handy guide to using it.

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  • James Challis
    What’s Your SEO Goal? Find Out Your Ideal Metric

    Ideal SEO Metrics - Big Stock ImageSearch Engine Optimisation has evolved beyond recognition over the last decade with a crackdown on spam by the popular search engines and a shift in the way people are finding information through search. The outdated goals of counting backlinks and a focus on rankings are much less relevant metrics than before for SEO campaigns. So what’s new? What other metrics should you be using? That depends on your goal. 

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  • Cat Fyson
    4 Epic Content Marketing Campaigns For The Financial Sector

    writers blockFor those not directly involved in it, the finance industry can often be seen as a boring sector. Even those in the business may find it initially difficult to come up with fresh, imaginative ideas which will lead to conversions. However, as these four absolutely epic Content Marketing examples prove, even the plainest of industries can be creative if approached from the right angle.

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  • John Waghorn
    What's Your Content Marketing Goal? Find Out Your Ideal Metric

    Goals-300x200In order to run a successful Content Marketing campaign, it’s crucial for you to determine what your digital goals are first. This way, your campaigns will be more focussed and targeted, and it will be easier to observe if results are actually being achieved.

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