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Koozai do Movember – Day One (#movember)

Mike Essex

by Mike Essex on 1st November 2011

Tara MovemberIt’s the first day of the Koozai charity raising efforts for Movember, with 15 of the team set to grow moustaches for the month. That includes both boys and girls, with the girls sporting stick on moustaches, and the boys growing theirs from scratch.

Learn more about our journey in the full post.

For those new to Movemeber, the concept is simple. To raise awareness of, and support prostate cancer and testicular cancer charities across the world. This is done by men bonding together to grow moustaches and raise donations through sponsorships. Girls can also get involved as ‘Mo Sistas’ to show their support.

You can learn more about the 15 Koozai team members (and their friends) taking part via our team profile.

We’ve also taken a day one photo as a point of reference, and also to tease some of the moustaches the Koozai girls will be wearing.

Group Movember Photo
The girl’s moustaches are made on a 3D printer (no photoshop trickery here!) and if you’d like to suggest a design for them to wear then why not make a donation and leave a comment on their profile pages?

Girls with Moustaches
We also have cakes made by Koozai_Tara to get everyone in the mood, they taste just as good as they look! There’s plenty of excitement in the air at Koozai HQ about the styles we’ll all be wearing over the course of the month.

Moustache Cake
What will the next 30 days bring and just who will have the best moustache? Plus who will be crowned the best facial hair in marketing? One thing is for sure, it’ll be an interesting month.

We’ll be posting updates throughout the month to show the hair growth across the team so stay tuned or check out our team page to leave a donation.

Mike Essex

Mike Essex

Mike Essex specialises in digital marketing and everything search. A recent project of Mike’s was featured on BBC News, Radio 5Live and the Times here in the UK, whilst also featuring on USA Today and ABC News in the US. He will be writing throughout the month about digital marketing and much more...


  • Samantha Noble

    Sam 1st November 2011

    I would like to add again that the girls mustaches are not from photoshop! Anna’s husband made them for us on his 3D printer and stay tuned to see what they grow into as the month goes on!

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  • Tom Hallett 1st November 2011

    Must be the smartest dressed marketing agency in the land…

    Reply to this comment

  • Alec 1st November 2011

    We are smart outside of work to!

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  • Andy Aveyard 2nd November 2011

    Didn’t really like the idea of Movember but having seen what you guys are doing, I think it’s growing on me… Pun very intended

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  • Pak Hou Cheung 3rd November 2011

    I like the cakes they remind of the ones from Hummingbird Bakery, no idea why though, and I am sure they taste[d] equally, if not better!

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