Vine vs Instagram Video: Which One Should You Use?

Social Media, Video Marketing 18th Jun 2014

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Hello and welcome to my latest Koozai video.

Today I’m going to be talking to you about Vine versus Instagram. I’m going
to be looking at the features and benefits of these popular bit mobile
video sharing networks. Instead of just telling you about them, I’m going
to show you.

This is a Vine video. You get six seconds to be a lot more creative than

Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s go onto Round One, Availability.
Both of these apps are available on all the major platforms, which is
Windows phone, Android and of course, iOS. So this round’s going to have to
be a draw.

Let’s look at Functionality for Round Two. Now, Instagram video allows 15
seconds of video, it has 13 different filters to get plenty creative. But,
Vine, although it only allows six seconds of video, gives you a whole
wealth of features, including a grid to help with photography, a ghost
image to help you level the shots and stay consistent and also a video
uploading tool that allows you to chop different shots. Because of this,
this round’s going to Vine.

Round Three is about the Audience. Now Instagram has been around a little
bit longer than Vine, although it only launched its video software almost a
year ago. Because Instagram has been around longer though, it’s had time to
garner a massive audience. With 150 million plus users, it’s looking
massive at the moment.

Vine, although popular and has grown massively, is still not quite as big.
It’s grown quickly since it launched, having gained a million users
within, I think, three months of it launching. But at the moment it has 40
million plus users. So not quite as big as Instagram. Which means Round
Three goes to Instagram.

Round Four is Branding and how you can use these platforms to showcase your
brands. Both apps allow you to use and abuse hashtags, which is great. They
also allow you to film all kinds of different footage. However, the extra
nine seconds that Instagram allows means that you can get a little bit more
of your message in there. For that instance, Round Four goes to Instagram
as well.

Now let’s look at Creativity. My favourite round. Vine allows you to get
incredibly creative in terms of the six seconds you’re given. Because these
constraints are put on film makers, people have gone absolutely wild with
what they do. There’s lots of stop-motion, animation and really fast shots
on Vine. Instagram, though, although obviously gives you a little bit of
extra time, people aren’t as creative as they could be. Also, obviously you
can’t cut and edit your shorts like you can on Vine, so there’s not as much
room for creativity. In this instance then, Round Five goes to Vine.

Round Six is Brand Use and what kinds of brands are using these apps.
Instagram is popular with sports brands such as NBA and UFC where they
showcase match-winning moments and awesome shots from the game. It’s also
popular with brands like sports brands such as Adidas where they showcase
shoes and awesome new product launches.

Vine, on the other hand, is really popular with more creative brands such
as Samsung where they showcase new products in really innovative ways and
also Lowe’s, a DIY brand who use stop-motion clips to showcase DIY tips,
which are absolutely fantastic.

Round Six is pretty much tied, because all kinds of brands can use both
platforms pretty much as much as each other. Red Bull, for example,
showcases awesome events and fantastic stunts via both platforms, just
choosing whichever is relevant for the length of clip. So I’m going for
draw on this one.

I know at the moment it’s looking very tied, but in all honesty, I’m going
to have to give this to Vine. Just because of the sheer amount of
creativity showcased across the board. It really is amazing. You’ve got
brands like Oreo and things like that who are pushing the limits of stop-
motion animation. It’s fantastic, and it’s not just brands who are getting
involved. It’s people as well. You can too, if you put your mind to it.

So without further ado, I pronounce Vine the winner.

For more advice on video marketing and for more news on content marketing
and SEO, stay tuned to the Koozai blog.

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