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How to Source Competitor Links

SEO Blog, Videos 12th Aug 2011

Sourcing competitor links is a good way of finding good quality sites which can include industry related blogs, directories, forums, bookmarking websites, Q&A sites and many others. These sites could eventually produce some great quality and relevant links for your website. So analysing your competitor links is a great way of finding these sites which you may have missed while utilising other search methods.

I will now go through some useful tools that enable you to analyse competitor links, there are various methods of doing this, some will suit you more than others. It just comes down to what suits you or your company:

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a paid platform which allows users to add competitor websites. It will then analyse the website backlinks to give you lots of data which can be useful to see the number of links and the types of links a high ranking competitor has. Sorting these by quality allows you to find some great link opportunities. If you or your company think it can benefit you, we would definitely recommend this platform.

SEO Moz – Competitor Link Research Tool

This tool is also a pro tool which requires a fee to gain access. The competitor link research tool is similar to Majestic where you are able to enter competitor links for analysis. This platform aims to find the most quality websites and highlight the ones that you don’t yet have a link from. This can be very helpful and make finding quality link sources a relatively quick process.

Link Dex

Link Dex is another paid service. You are able to add a number of competitor websites to the software and it intuitively groups their backlinks into types so you can easily browse and manage the available links. You can mark the websites you have made contact with or submitted your site to to help you manage your link building activities surrounding competitor links.

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