Best in Class VS Proprietary Tools

Best in Class Tools Vs Proprietary Tools

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(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

One of the things that comes up during our conversations with prospective clients is that conversation around what’s best, proprietary tools or best in class tools?

Now, at Koozai, we’re massively of the opinion that it’s all about using the right tool for the right job. We’re not a jack of all trades in any way, shape or form and, therefore, we feel that, to do our best work, we have to have the best people with the best tools and the best training. And, effectively, that enables us to do award-winning work for our customers and to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

The fact that some agencies develop some pretty good proprietary tools and some of those tools, they may have a specific focus or area of specialism, and they may be very good at a particular task. But what it means is that, in order to develop a suite of tools, what you’ve gotta bear in mind is that agency have a focus elsewhere. Their focus, really, is on winning customers, selling time and, effectively, selling their agency’s time to deliver the services that they specialize in. That’s how they make their money.

They’re not a tool provider so they’re not innovating, they’re not putting a huge amount of investment into the tool. In fact, the investment that goes into a proprietary tool is probably not even a fraction of that that would go into a specialist tool for that particular task, and it’s not that agency’s area of main focus, as we say.

With a best in class tool, on the other hand, some of the tools that we use will be putting millions of pounds every year into software development and into keeping that tool alive and into keeping it up in resilience and making sure they’ve got the backup and redundancies to make it reliable and the best it can be. They also have a complete focus.

So, with a best in class tool, that particular tool’s focus is on making it as good as it can be and investing as much of their time, effort and energy in that tool as possible because they want to grow their subscriber database, the amount of users using that tool, and, effectively, retain their customers. Because if that tool falls by the wayside or something better becomes available, as an agency, Koozai for example, we’re movable.

We’re able to move, adapt with the market and use the best in class tool for every specific task. So, therefore, they have a huge job on their hands to make sure that tool is performing as best as it can do in order to retain agencies like Koozai.

If you have any questions about any of the tools that we use or any of the specialist tools for any particular specialist task that we would advocate, as an agency, we invest a huge amount every month in making sure that we’ve got a full suite of available tools for our team to use.

So feel free to get in touch with any questions. We’d love to hear from you.

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