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How To Maximise Your SEO Performance

Quick Vids 4th Apr 2018

(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

Hi guys, I’m Holly. And I’m part of the SEO team at Koozai. I’m going to talk to you about how the basic SEO actions are fundamental to your SEO performance. It’s tempting to look for fancy SEO tricks to wow your clients. But it’s vital you make sure you know the basics first. Setting the foundations for your site to be seen and understood by both users and by search engines is paramount in your site success. So here are six actions to maximise your SEO performance.

Take a step back and think about the purpose of your site and your intended audience. What is the focus of your site, and is your site truly relevant to the keywords and search queries around this? Build site relevancy through specific keyword research and targeting. And don’t forget to consider what your competitors are ranking for too. It’s wise to get the keyword research completed and optimized to on page elements of your site as early on as possible. Whilst meta descriptions aim to improve click through rate, the header ones, page titles, architects and architects could all be optimized to include target keywords and brand name.

The network of site pages needs to be easily reached, indexed, and crawled by search engines. So take care to keep on top of errors, minimize redirect change, and review the internal and external link structure of your site regularly for any issues. Bringing me on to the URL structure of a site. Having a clear URL structure is important so that the user can navigate around your site easily, finding key areas such as the contact page. Consider the page depth of your site. How many pages does the user have to click through to get to the checkout? The user may give up on completing their purchase or goal if the process is too long or complicated. Always think of the user experience.

The contents of your site is what the user is essentially interested in. So make sure it responds to their search query. Having rich and optimized content across your site is invaluable for increasing the relevancy of your site around your intended topic. Of course, think of the user of first and foremost. So make sure it’s interesting and allows users to think about your brand and the site in a way that’s outside the box.

Content is created for both the user and the search engine. What’s the point in creating all your lovely optimised and interesting content if search engines cannot see and index it? So make sure to crawl your site to see what’s been indexed and check the coding to ensure there is no hidden text or blocked pages.

Thanks for listening, and good luck with getting your SEO basics nailed.

Gary Hainsworth

Senior Organic Data Specialist

If you're after someone to chat guitars with, Gary's your man. When he isn't playing guitar, or bass, he's trying his hand at modifying them. He's even made one from scratch once. He relates strongly with the humble and kind hedgehog, who also happen to be as prickly as his musical taste; anything loud, fast and angry.

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