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How To Build Landing Pages and Boost Conversions with Unbounce

Quick Vids 21st Jul 2017

(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

I’m a major fan of Unbounce Landing Pages. I’ve used Unbounce when a client was undergoing a website relaunch or redesign. And rather than them stop their paid search activity altogether, lose money, and have a gap in their historical data, Unbounce was the solution.

I’ve also used Unbounce to help combat under performing web sites by stripping out all of those unnecessary distractions like social media links and other services that aren’t the main focus of your PPC goals. In my experience, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks that I would like to share with you today. Firstly, use the Unbounce community. There is a vast range of workshops and courses in this area for free as part of your membership.

My next tip is to split test your pages. There’s always room for improvement. And what I like to do is have one fundamental difference under a 50-50 test, page versus page. My third tip is to use a favicon. Those little branded icons in your browser tab are more important for user trust than you think. They’re a trust signal that may help your traffic convert.

My fourth tip is to use a fading fixed header. Using custom code, we can have a header follow the user as they navigate down the page, which comes in handy for say having a call to action button to call us now, follow the user. So I thought I’d show you how to do this. First create a box to be your header and style it to suit your page.

There are two snippets of code that you’ll need to place within your page. Firstly, the JavaScript code. Paste the code into the JavaScript section and choose before body and tag as the placement. Find the box ID within the page properties of the box. Replace the box ID within the script with the ID of your box from the previous step.

Now, you’ll need to set the value of the show height variable. This is the height in pixels where the fixed header will fade in. The larger the value the more visitors will have to scroll before the fixed header fades in.

Next, paste the CSS code into your style sheets section. Replace both instances of the box ID within the code with the ID of your box. My fifth and final tip is to create a honeypot. Rather than use capture and disrupt the user experience, you can set a trap for automated systems and bots.

You can do this by including a secondary email address field within your form and hiding it from the user. The bots still see this and follow it in. And then we can filter out these false leads using this feed. For more expert tips and advice or a copy of any of the code used in this tutorial, feel free to get in touch. Or you can find the code over at the Unbounce community forum.

Asheline McCloskey

Hailing from Ireland, our self-confessed crazy cat lady, Asheline, describes herself as a bit of a geeky bed bug, spending her free time enjoying a good book, Netflix marathon or horror film. (You’re on your own with that one!). She’s also super clumsy so we’ve all got our eyes peeled for a comedic stumble.

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