Optimising Your Paid Ads For A High Quality Score

Paid Social Media Blog, PPC Blog 20th May 2020

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(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

Hi, my name is Daria. I’m the Paid Media Executive in Koozai and today I’m gonna talk about optimizing your ads, for the high quality score, and why this is so important. So, at first, I must say that the quality score have enormous influence over your account effectiveness of your paid search campaigns, and to explain you, what the quality score really is, I can explain you that on the real life situation and example. So, imagine you apply for a loan. So what do you need, and what is most important is the credit score. So, the better credit score, then better loan you will get, with the lowest interest rate. So, similarly, when you look at the quality score, when you have the higher quality score, then lower cost per click you will achieve, and the better your account pay search campaigns performance will be. And when you follow that, transfer that to the real situation, and you have two or three companies competing for the same keywords in the Google search campaigns, the company with the higher qualities score rank will achieve a better position or the lowest cost per click. This is the way, from Google to say thank you, to the person which actually have high quality scores. So, that means that the ads meet the Google requirements. So, the quality score, in the definition is a rating, rating of your ad copy quality, and keywords relevance. And this depends on many factors. The main factor is the click through rate. This is also ad copy relevance with the keywords, and keywords relevant to the landing page, which is added to the ad copy. So, basically, what this means, higher, better, quality score, that means lower cost and higher ad rank. And main benefits of improving the quality score is obviously cost per click. So, lower cost per click means also for you more website visitors, and if you have more website visitors, potentially, if your keywords and ad copy is right, you can achieve more conversions with a lower click through rate because with the same budget we can bring more and more potential clients to your website. So this has positive impacts on the conversions, and of the awareness of your brand, and lets more people to know your company, and you have chance to introduce your product and service to the wider market as well. So, this is one of the main benefits of improving the quality score so it’s definitely worth it. And how you can increase your quality score? Yes, you can do it easily by following few simple steps. So, first of all, look at your click through rate. You can improve the click through rate by optimizing your ad copy. Look at your ad groups one by one and see if every of your ad group contains three ads. This is the minimum which it should be. And each of the ad copy should contain, three headers, two descriptions and two paths, and the relevant URL link, as well. So if you have that, look also at the extensions, if they relevant to the ad copy, if they relevant, and make the user journey simple as well, to help user, simply and more effectively, enter your website to find what they’re looking for. This is another important step. Also, look at the structure of your campaign. So, if you have a just few ad groups with the high volume of keywords, it will be difficult to write the excellent ad copy, which will match the keyword when there’s too many of them. So, create many, but smaller ad groups with just few keywords, and write the ad copy which is relevant to the keywords, as well. You can also look at your keywords and look at the click through rate of the existing keywords, if you look and you see that, you have keywords with the high impression share, but the click through rate of those keywords is low, just remove them, pause them, just get rid of them, so then that will immediately improve the overall quality score of your keywords in your account. Also, what you can do, you can go to your search terms and review. That should be done regularly as well. When you look at your search terms and you see that there are some key words, or phrases which were typed by potential clients into the search engine, and you should see that they are irrelevant, then please add them as a negative keywords, and if you see some relevant search terms which can lead to the conversion of them, as an exact match, keywords, in your ad groups. Also you can look for the new keywords. You have few tools which can help you to find the new keywords. You don’t have to search from the top of your head how you think they will be right. You can go to the Google Keywords Planner and find some new keywords there. You can also use some other tools, which is SEMrush. They can also help you to find the new keyword which can help you to bring more clients to your website. And what important is also important is to optimize your landing page. So you must be sure that the landing page which you are adding to the ad groups, contain the product or service you are promising in the ad group and the keywords. So they all must link with each other. They all must match. So if they all relevant then your quality score should be high, and if it’s low this simple step can help you to improve the quality score.

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