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How To Bulk Edit Facebook Ads

Paid Social Media Blog, PPC Blog, Quick Vids 13th Jan 2021

(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

Hi, my name’s Joaquin and I’m the paid media executive here at Koozai. And what I’m gonna show you today is a really quick and easy method on how to bulk edit a lot of your ads. Now, when you start to create ads on your Facebook Ad account, you might get to a stage where you have maybe quite a lot of ads to get through. You could have 100, maybe 200 ads. Some accounts might even have 500 to 1,000 ads running at the same time. Though it is recommended to have as minimal ads as possible, by doing that, you can condense down sets into one. You might get to a point where you do just have a lot of ads and you need to have them all running at the same time and it can be quite frustrating to change them all one by one. So there’s a really, really simple method that you can do on Facebook Ads. And it’s just as simple as hitting on the Edit button. But I’ll show you the process. So when you’re in your Ads Manager, if we go directly through to the ad set by click on each campaign you want. Obviously, you can go to the ad sets and then let’s say we want to edit a couple of ads from these. We’ll tick these ad sets and we’ll go into the ads. Now, I’ve only got a few here, just to show you what you can do with just a few ads. Obviously if you’ve got like hundreds, the same rules apply and all you have to do is you can either highlight all or if you only just wanna change a few, let’s say, for example, we only wanna change these three, you can hit on the little dropdown arrow that’s right next to the edit button and you can click on Find and Replace. Now, with find and replace, you can change multiple things at the same time. So if you just need to change the name of the ad, you can easily do this or if you need to change the headline message or even just the general caption, you can definitely change that as well and you can also change the UCM parameters or the URL. So instead of going in one by one on each ad, all you have to do, highlight the ads you wanna change, click on the dropdown, find and replace and you’ll be treated with this little window here. So let’s say we’ve got headlines. We want to change our headlines or the message. Let’s go for URL. And what you can do here is it’ll tell you the URL for each one and let’s say there’s a certain word you want to change, let’s say, for example, it’s PR. It’ll highlight PR and then we replace that up here on the top. So replace PR with, and let’s just go for social. All you have to do is hit Save to draft and that’s it. That’s a really easy way to change the UCM parameters or if you’ve got an error in your URL. Now, you can also do this with many other things, such as let’s say you’re on the ad set and you want to change the budget for all the ad sets that you are currently running. You go to here and then you can click on Budget. Now, it’s not letting me at the moment because I’ve got bid cap set on them and also the campaigns are turned off but it’s a really simple way of just changing this. So you can also add in spend limits or if you need to change something in particular, such as the audience, and whether that’s the age or gender, you just go in here and it’ll give you all the names of all the ad sets and then you can change the names if you want here or you can change the ages. Now, here you can change other things as well, such as the start date or if you need it to end on a particular date, for example, our ads are currently ongoing. They are turned off but they’re currently ongoing. And you can just change it. So you click on End on and then you can select the time and the date that you require. And it’s as easy as that. A lot of people get stuck with just changing everything one by one. And I’d only recommend doing that if you need to be 100% sure that it’s 100% correct. Because I completely understand when you’re going through and creating ads and sometimes you might make a few little mistakes here and there and it’s possible. I do it, everyone does it. But all you have to do is you can through this and change them instantly if the mistake is on multiple ads. But yeah, hopefully that helps you in your advertising and marketing and if you have anymore questions, please let us know.

Joaquin Lopez

Senior Paid Media Executive

A sci-fi movie buff, gamer, lover of dystopian fiction and self-taught bassist, we’ve concluded that Joaquin has quite the creative streak. A recent trip to Japan unearthed a love for ramen noodles, so we now know what to bribe him with! Fun fact: originally from Chile, Joaquin’s surname means ‘son of wolf’.

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