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Seven Surprising Reasons To Try Bing Advertising

Paid Search, Bing AdCenter 29th Jan 2014

Hello. My name is Tara and today I’m going to be talking through some facts about Bing.

Surprisingly, the Yahoo Bing network reaches 20 million unique searches a year. While you’ll see this is nowhere near as much as Google, but it does mean that you can extend your reach by about 30% of what you currently achieve, if you choose to advertise on Bing.

You can see here that the Bing Yahoo network actually makes up 29% of search engine market share. So this means that they’re actually the second biggest contender in terms of search engines and it’s certainly a search engine you can’t really afford to ignore if they carry on growing at this rate.

3.5 million of Bing’s users don’t use Google. So this means if you’re not advertising on Bing, you could be missing out on a whole other market that you might not be reaching otherwise. Of 39,000 advertisers that took part in a survey, 55% of them who were advertising on Google were already advertising on Bing. So this means your competitors might already be on Bing and it’s a great idea for you to explore it too. Bing’s CPCs can be between 50% to 70% lower than other CPC platforms. So it’s a great platform if you’ve got a lower ad budget and you want to get more clicks for your daily spend.

Bing say that 25% more likely are their users to complete a conversion than other users. Obviously this is from Bing so it’s going to be a little bit biased but it you’ve got a direct response goal within your advertising, it might be worth having a look at Bing. And if you’re targeting the USA, Bing’s really useful because one third of all search queries in the USA are conducted on Bing.

Getting started on Bing is quite simple because you can import your whole Google AdWords account into Bing and generally it has much of the same features although not everything is compatible. The other thing to bear in mind with Bing, is that not every industry will have enough search demand to warrant having a Bing account. So it’s something that’s worth trying just seeing if it fits your industry because if it does, it can convert well and it can be really cost effective.


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