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This is a transcript for our new video that looks back at the un-aired mistakes we made on Koozai TV this year.

Harry: Oh, hi there. My name’s Harry Gardiner, and I’m going to talk to you about effective storytelling. So pull up a chair and let’s get started.

The heart of great storytelling is the key to effective content, and that makes not much sense whatsoever.

So today, I’ve completely forgotten what I was going to say.

Gemma: Hi. I’m Gemma. I’m going to talk to you about cross-domain tracking. No, I’m not. I’m going to talk to you about… what am I talking about?

Graeme: Is really the practice of making your key landing pages more and more ummm.

Tara: Hello. This video… oh, who says ‘hello.’

So the display network reaches 92% of Google users. Nope, that’s not right.

Brand awareness is the key reason for using re-marketing. Ugh. Not re-marketing, display. Ugh.

Laura: And you want it to be yours. You don’t want any issue with the copyright or ownership issue due to…

Mike: Hi. I’m Mike Essex, and today I’m going to talk about the highs… the whys, the whens, the hows, the whats, and the thens of video marketing. Pfuh. Never going to say it.

James: …content you create really should have the focus of the… argh.

Gemma: Hi. My name’s Gemma, and I’m a digital marketing executive here at K-… at…

Today, I’m focusing on five different basic tips which will help you improve this. First of all, experience… oh, for God’s sake.

John: …with decent content and social signals at the forefront of modern day SEO

…your products and services. So a regular stream of content going live on your blog is the ideal thing that you’re after, really. Argh.

Andy: This changed the way that you were seeing your search results. So dependent on your area, dependent, dependent…

Emma: Today, I’m going to be talking about recovering from a manual link penalty. There’s a, this is a sort of cycle-based process that… ugh

James: Analytics provides us with really good insights into the… oh my God. Idiot.

Mike: Daddy or chips? Hmm.

Today, we’re going to talk about Facebook ads, and I’ve got nine reasons that Facebook ads are great.

Gemma: For those of you which haven’t heard of this, it is a new platform, new technology… blah, argh.

Google Analytics tracks data from a visit-centric perspective, whereas universal analytics focuses on a user-centric pers-…

Harry: As an example, letting just one of your social media profiles fall into the wrong hands can lead to utter disarray and leave your brand’s reputation in shatters. By that, I mean shreds and tatters. Pfft.

John: Second of all, get straight to the point. You’ve only got a limited amount of time, and c-, w-, fablahbahdah.

…potentially. So for these reasons alone, this is why your copy is important on page. Now… ugh. Why?

…white papers and videos, too. And by doing so, what you’ll be doing is giving your readers… presenting them with a hub of information that they, they, they can use, blahdahdahdah.

Anna: …put them all through one piece of code onto your website, rather than having each one individually.

Hello. I’m Anna, and this video’s going to take you through what Tag Manager is and how you can use it to get more from your website analytics. And currently… blah…

Gemma: …the elements that you needed to focus on to ensure that your website provides a high user experience. High-quality. Ugh.

…sites feed. Here, I’ve listed two different tools. Firstly, Pingdom, and the second, page sites that… page… argh.

Harry: …the reason they invented algorithm updates, and Panda and Pinguin was to… hmm, hmm, hmm.

What we do know is that Google like good-quality content. The whole reason they rolled out algorithm updates, like Panguin and… Penguin and… I’m going to have to stop.

I’m sure that people are wondering about many things. None of that was a right start.

Tara: So these are some of the apps… apps? That’s not what I’m trying to say.

And you have an app. You can… ugh, Tara.

Tom: Testing. Testing. Is the audio working?

Mike: Don’t know.

Tom: It’s testing it now. Are you testing it now?

Mike: Yeah.

Tom: Okay, so I’m talking now.

Hi. My name’s Tom Howlett. You might know me from such videos as… ‘Who’s That Dashing Young Man’ and ‘How to Be Handsome.’

…what it is, and how it can be important for your company or business.

So firstly, what it is. What is it?

Harry: Hello. This is me talking about guest blogging.

Mike: A little bit louder?

Harry: Stay classy, San Diego.

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