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Introducing Koozai TV

News, Koozai News, News 18th Apr 2012

Hi and welcome to Koozai TV, the new channel from Koozai. Koozai TV is a new learning portal focused around the area of Digital Marketing, more specifically SEO, PPC, Social Media, Brand and of course Analytics.

Koozai TV was born out of the idea of sharing knowledge with the industry, which we started doing through the use of our blog way back in 2006. We then progressed to video tutorials in 2011 and based on the positive feedback and success of them we decided to give them their own channel.

We will also be releasing a new service called Koozai TV Premium which will feature even more in-depth training videos.

Koozai TV Premium is currently in BETA testing and will take learning about digital marketing to the next level.

We would love to get your feedback so please let us know either by commenting on this video or through one of the below channels.

Ben Norman

Founder and Chairman

Ben’s the big boss, so we can’t pick on him. He’s a bit of a technical SEO geek and loves tinkering with new websites. Ben lives and breathes the industry so we’re not sure what else he does with his time. We don’t even think he sleeps.

What do you think?

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