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Content Marketing Blog 11th Aug 2016

(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

Hey, today I’m going to be talking to you about why you should be excited about VR. First of all, there are loads of headsets out there that make virtual reality an option for your brands. You’ve got the likes of Oculus and HTC Vive, which are high-end headsets which immerse the users completely in these VR experiences. And then you’ve got the more accessible like versions, say Google Cardboard, which is literally a headset you could assemble yourself at home, put on and experience 360 video and virtual reality experiences.

And then you’ve got the likes of Sony, who are bringing VR into your living room through PlayStation VR. It’s allowing users to experience games they already have and games that are coming out soon in a virtual reality, 360 environment. Don’t even get me started on Microsoft HoloLens. That’s a whole other world.

There are some other VR experiences as well though. You’ve got the likes of brand IKEA and Volvo who are bringing VR to the masses using virtual reality to showcase their brands. IKEA [put users] directly in a kitchen that allows them to customise everything. It’s amazing. You can change the tiles, the colours. It’s brilliant.

Volvo allow you to test drive the new car from the comfort of your sofa. You can literally sit there, put the headset on, and jump straight in.

But what about the games as well? You’ve got the likes of Everest and Climb, which are games that allow you to climb a mountain. Or you’ve got the likes of Surgeon Simulator or even Minecraft, pre-existing games that have been adapted to fit the VR world.

So how can your brand use VR to access its customers? Essentially, you’ve got to look at whether or not it fits your customer base first of all. If you’re aiming stuff at retirees and old people, they’re not really going to be well immersed in this virtual reality world. Whereas if you’re aiming for a younger generation, a more millennial, adaptable generation that are interested in technology, this could be the perfect opportunity for your brand.

Take a look at Thomas Cook. They managed to increase flights to New York tenfold by showing people in a VR experience that allowed them to view I think it was Times Square from literally anywhere in their store. It’s a wonderful experience that allowed holiday goers to experience what they needed to through the use of VR.

So going on that, does it fit your audience base? Have a look at whether or not it’s scalable as well. Can you actually make a campaign out of this VR experience? It’s not just for Christmas. It’s for everything as well. It should be part of your content marketing campaign like any other piece of content.

You can also turn those VR videos you create into 360 videos, into apps. Think about how you can use it to roll out across your brand.

And finally, can you afford it? It’s a huge investment at the moment because it’s still quite new technology. But if you learn through trial and error and create different experiences using what you can, you should be able to create a memorable and lasting experience as long as it stays on brand message and tells your story.

That’s a whistle-stop tour through VR. But to read more, head to the Koozai blog and take a look at my post. Thanks.

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