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Content Marketing Blog 21st May 2014

Hi there. Today I’m going to talk a lot about the perfect blog post, the key elements that make it up, and how to create one. So if you have a blog on your website, but you don’t get the results that you want, your readers don’t stick around, or they don’t share your blog post, you might find this video useful as we will have a look at how to create content that your readers would actually want to read.

Let me start by saying that content is not enough. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s imagine you’ve got a thousand words worth of content. Well, these thousand words on their own won’t do the magic. If you want these words to work for you, for your website, and for your business, you need to offer them in a nice package. Simply because the overall look and the presentation of these words will be crucial for your blog post to be successful.

Why? Well, people don’t read. We just scan through the text. And this was confirmed by a Nielsen study, which actually found that people read only 28% of all the words you have on a page. So you really need to make sure that your content, blog post, or any article is engaging and scannable.

Well, let’s have a look how to do it. Let’s have a look at the six key elements that make up a great blog post.

The first one is headline. Headline is the most important part of any content you will ever create, as it’s the reason why people will read your blog post. You need to make sure that your headline is eye-catching, irresistible, and attention grabbing. My top tips would be to include numbers, trigger words, make a promise, and use adjectives. For example, I came up with a headline, “Top 5 Tips For Creating Killer Headlines.” So I used a number, and I used the adjective. We could use a promise as well. So for example, “Top 5 Tips That Will Help You To Create Killer Headlines.” So you see the promise will help you.

The second most important part is the intro. This is where you should explain why the reader should read your blog post and explain the benefit of what’s in it for them. It doesn’t have to be long. Two to four sentences is fine. But obviously, this will depend on the length of your blog post.

The main body, this is the place where you will have most of your words, so you need to make sure that the text is scannable, and it doesn’t look like just a big chunk of text. My top tips would be to use headings and sub-headings as these will help to guide your readers around the content. And as a rule of thumb, every section should have a new sub-heading or heading. Use bullet points as they help break up the text. You can use bolded keywords or italics to highlight the key points.

The fourth part is the visuals or other sources. Visuals are really a no-brainer, and every blog post or every article should have at least one visual, and this does include a thumbnail image. If your blog post has no thumbnail image, then I wouldn’t publish it.

If you can use any videos, any tables, photos, you can think of using a link to other sources. So you can think of your blog post as a hub of information, a hub of useful information around a topic. So, for example, coming back to our headline, we could use links to other useful sources around the topic of creating headlines. Maybe “How To Create Headlines For The Sports Industry.”

The fifth element is the outro, which is the last paragraph of your content. Here you can sum up your key findings, key points, and you can include a call to action as well, so basically what you want from your readers to do next. It can be anything from read the next blog post, sign up to a newsletter, or simply just share the blog post.

The last, but not least, is social media share buttons, and this is really a no-brainer. If you want your blog post to be shared across social media accounts, then include the social media buttons. My top tip would be to include those buttons on the top as well as the bottom of each of your blog posts.

And there you have it. Now you know how to create perfect blog posts that your readers would want to read. For any other tips, you can have a look at our Koozai blog. I hope you find this video useful. Thanks.


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