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Four Benefits of Interactive Content

Content Marketing Blog 6th May 2015

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This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would.

Interactive content is content that responds to a user’s actions online. So whether they’re using the arrow keys to move graphics or visuals through the screen or alternatively using the scrolling function on the mouse, it’s a great way to stand out from the competition in your market. This type of content, interactive content uses things such as animation, graphics, text, video, audio, plus much more.

So if you’re thinking of using it for your own content or marketing strategy, what are the benefits? Well, today I want to look at four of them.

So first of all, the first thing to note is it allows for a greater audience involvement and engagement. What this means is once you’ve set your content live, because of the fact that the audience will be scrolling through or using the keys to navigate to certain parts of the infographic or clicking on certain bits of text or visuals, it’s slightly different from your more kind of passive forms of content, such as blog posts, white papers, press releases, and infographics. Now, it’s important to stress that there’s nothing wrong with using those forms of content. It’s just that the interactive pieces will allow for more audience involvement and engagement, and it just gives you something a little bit different. So that’s the first point.

Second of all, and leading on from point number one, is that interactive content is content that stands out from your competition, something that we explain in the introduction. So we’ve got to think that there’s so many brands and so many businesses online that are using content marketing. So how do you, as a company and as a business, stand out from the crowd?

Well, interactive content is one way that you can do this. Like I said, it might take you longer to come up with an idea, longer to actually implement that idea over a period of a couple of months, and then promote it as well. But the hope of that is that you’re going to get more traction from doing so. So always use the other forms of content as well. But if you’re using things like, I’ve said before, blog posts and white papers alongside interactive content, providing you’ve got the budget to do so, this is only going to enhance your campaigns and improve the impact of your content.

So leading on from point number two, because it’s content that stands out in your industry or your market or your niche, this basically allows you to gain greater social engagement. So let’s say you design something that’s really unique. It’s taken you three months to build. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Then you move on to the next phase, which is promoting that particular piece of content.

So you’re going to be using your social channels to push it out, engaging with the communities online as well, on things like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. You’re also going to be using influencers and contacting journalists and popular publications or sites and blogs within your industry. So by doing that, once you set it live and you’re promoting it to those sectors and those influencers and journalists, it’s likely that because it is a decent, strong, and bigger piece of interactive content, you’re going to gain more shares, more likes, more responses, and ultimately all of that helps with your campaign because it generates traffic back to your site.

And if it doesn’t, then obviously the fourth point on the list is that it basically increases your brand exposure as well.

So think about how you’re going to use interactive content in your own marketing strategy. Like I say, it might take longer to create, but the benefits of doing that and the benefits of sharing it online within those communities is going to have a much bigger impact on your campaigns alongside some of the existing pieces that you may or not be already working on.

So best of luck in your own efforts to promote your interactive content. Thanks for watching. For more information, please visit or visit any of the social profiles at the end of this video.

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