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How To Build Brand Loyalty

Brand 11th Nov 2015

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(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

Hi. My name’s Harry Gardiner, and welcome to my latest video, building brand loyalty. Now having a loyal following of customers is incredibly important for business success. To start off with that, you’re going to need to build and cultivate a community of fans and followers. This video will hopefully explain how you can do that in a few ways and how you can encourage that community to keep following you and earn their trust.

Let’s start off with telling a story. If you tell a story with your brand, you can keep your brand message consistent and make the business as a whole relatable. Take Netflix for example. Reed Hastings, CEO and co-founder, once said that the reason he came up with Netflix is because he had a DVD with a late fee that he didn’t want to pay. Now he invented an entire business off that one idea, supposedly. Within that one sentence he’s made a multibillion company very relatable to the average user. You, too, can make your content relatable and story driven to help encourage users to follow along with it.

This will obviously get them connecting further as well. You can use a variety of different tools, such as social media, to connect with your audience and to get one on one with them. Obviously, if you are using social media, remember to reply to the good and the bad comments on social media. Don’t just favour the good ones. Anyone who is a negative is just a positive in waiting really.

But social media isn’t the only way to connect with your audience. There’s plenty of other ways, including online surveys, offline polls and focus groups, and customer analysis to understand what your audience actually want from your brand and connect with them better.

Once you do understand what they want, you can start personalising content. Look through purchase history, look through customer analytics, and look through how people are treating your brand to personalise content right there. I know some brands who do personalisation really well, include Boots who obviously send you out personalised rewards from what you’ve used on your Boots card. Obviously, O2 on Twitter and JUST EAT on Twitter as well are really great with personalising special presents towards users who shout about the brand.

So don’t be afraid to get really personal with the content. You can either personalise it on a grander scale and segment your audience and personalise it to different segments, or you can go real micro personalisation and personalise pieces of content or rewards to one particular person. If you make one person feel special and they start shouting about the brand, that’s a loyal customer for life right there.

Once you’ve got loyal customers, make sure you stay true to what you’ve said and the promises you’ve made. Don’t ever make promises your brands can’t keep. If you do falter on this, or if you do come across problems or mistakes, don’t just defer back to the standard terms and conditions robotic brand. Try and overcompensate and over deliver for the people who’ve been let down. You’ve got to remember that if you’ve made a promise, your audience will expect it of you. So if you can’t deliver on that, do something better. See what you can do and try and turn all those negative reactions into a positive situation.

One way to do this is to reward your customers and to keep people loyal is to consistently reward those who’ve been there with you from the beginning. If you’ve had people who started off with your brand and started shouting about your brand, don’t forget about them once you get bigger. Make sure you consistently reward them with exclusive discounts and loyalty schemes so you’re not just offering the people who newly join you but also those who’ve been with you for ages.

Finally, testimonials are a great way to gain brand loyalty from new customers and a great way to have your old followers show you exactly what it is they like about your brand. A great way of getting testimonials is obviously just to ask for them on site or to use post-purchase surveys or even email marketing. Another great way is just to go on social and maybe ask people what they love about your brand, what it is that inspires them about your brand, or even just ask them to shout about how great something is. There’s no harm in asking your audience to say what they like about your brand, and obviously that’s a great way to understand it better as well.

These have been a few couple of whistle stop tour around building brand loyalty, a few couple of tips for you to understand better. If you have any more questions or if you’d like to discuss this further, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @Hr_Gardiner or check out the blog around this site and the other videos for more information.

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