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Multi Channel Funnel Report in Google Analytics

Analytics, Videos 4th Nov 2020

(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

Hi, my name is Kelly-Anne. I’m client services manager here at QSI. In this video, get an overview of what multichannel funnels in Google analytics are and how to use some of them for analysis. Customers typically visit a website multiple times before converting. A potential customer may discover your brand by display ad the scientist alleged research. Finally convert off the session for a specific product or offering. The multi-channel funnel report allows you to analyze your customers conversion paths, and gain insight into what your user is doing. Initiation sequence interactions that led to conversions, which help you make effective marketing decisions. To get this area in Google analytics, click on the conversion tab on the left-hand side and multi-channel funnels. Then click on the overview tab, and look at an overview of everything you can see about your conversions here. If you click the conversion tab up here, you can set the goal you want to look at. This will then show you information about that goal. Then click on the assisted conversion report. This will help you understand the each channel, how it assists in the user’s conversion funnel. It reports a number of times the channel driving assisted conversion which is where the channel touched the user before the session in which they converted. One of my favorite reports is the top conversion path report. In the support you can see the sequence of channels that result in conversions, and look at every single combination of channels that result in conversions. So for example, you can see here, it was organic and then the conversion was from direct. The timeline report will show you how long it takes to user to convert. The path length report show how many touch points before a user converts. This report is simple to read, but can be powerful to help you understand how long it takes to use to convert. This video has shown you how to gain more insight into what customers are do from when they first visit your site until they convert.


Kelly-Anne Crean

Client Services Manager

Queen of self-defence, Kelly-Anne is our very own Krav Maga expert! Having trained for over 8 years and earning her P5, we’re hoping should we ever need defending, Kelly-Anne is around! Very well-travelled with over 60 countries under her belt, the next big adventure is hiking the Inca Trail – we’re out of breath just thinking about it!

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