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Online Customer & Market Research Agency Services

Experienced digital marketing experts and online market research professionals. Here to help businesses learn more about their target audiences’ interests and online behaviours for better digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing & Customer Research Experts

We are an experienced, full-service digital marketing agency with expertise in providing businesses with online market research and insights to inform their digital marketing activities. From helping you to understanding online attitudes’ towards your business and what your customers are searching for, to revealing how they behave across multiple online platforms – we’re here to help.

Since 2006, we have been trusted by hundreds of brands to provide digital marketing insights and research – from SMBs and start ups to big brands. Our campaigns have been recognised with national accolades such as The Drum Awards and UK Search Awards – and we’ve spoken at major global marketing conferences too.

Our Online Market Research Services

Our online market research services offer a deeper understanding of key online audiences – empowering businesses with the insights they need to better optimise their digital marketing activity.

Whether you’re looking to discover the behaviour of your prospects’ on your website or other online platforms, find out more about their attitudes or interests, or track how your brand is pacing online – our data specialists are here to help.

Our core online market research services include:

  • Online Customer Research

Our online data specialists can provide a deeper understanding of your key audiences’ digital footprints and how they’re behaving online. From insights on behaviours and intent on search engines and social media platforms a, to attribution modelling and analysis of how audiences enter, exit, use, engage with, or buy from your website. We can also commission detailed online surveys with niche audiences for an even deeper understanding of their online behaviour.

  • Digital Audience Profiles

Understanding who your customers are is crucial to effective and targeted digital marketing activity. Using a combination of our inhouse tools, website tracking data, insights from any existing databases, and data from online polling, we can reveal insights on the demographics and interests of your most important target audiences.

  • Online Brand Research

Do you need to understand how your brand is perceived online? Our data specialists can conduct research to provide insights on the sentiment attached to your brand name online, alongside metrics on the popularity of your business on search engines and other websites. We can also commission online polling for more detailed research on how specific audiences view your business online.

  • Cross-Platform Digital Insights

Unlike some agencies, we don’t just offer traditional polling or market research. Our digital market research services also delve into the key metrics from your website, search engines, social media, and third party platforms. We can use this in combination with online polling projects to provide more detail and the biggest picture on how important audiences behave and use different online platforms.

  • Media Targeting Research

In addition to online research, we can provide detailed insights on the audiences and reach other third party websites – alongside advice from experienced digital marketing experts on the most relevant websites and media for your business to target when considering online ads, PR, and other third party promotions.

  • Online Polling & Surveys

If you’re looking for straightforward online polling, then you’ve come to the right place. We can help you to commission online polling projects to ask specific or niche audiences the questions you most want answers to.

  • Insights-led Digital Marketing Strategy

Access to good online market research is crucial – but it’s what you do with it that counts. We also work with companies to put together effective, cross-channel digital marketing strategies. Based on insights from our research projects, our digital marketing expertise, and your marketing goals, we’ll propose a detailed strategy aimed at taking your online performance to the next level.

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