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Emma North

Who Is Online On Christmas Day?

13th Dec 2012 Social Media, Facebook, Social Media 4 minutes to read

Santa Online at ChristmasLast year, the Telegraph reported that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the quietest online periods of the year. But with the ever-increasing usage of social media, can we expect to see more people online this Christmas Day than ever before?

Another of Koozai’s Digital Marketing Executives, Tara West, is a self-confessed Facebook addict and she is not alone. One analyst claims that the equivalent of 2.7x the entire US population could be considered Facebook addicts. With more than 1 billion users, many of whom access the social platform every day, surely a little thing like Christmas wouldn’t stop them?

Many would agree that traditional Christmas Day activities include games, TV and festive movies. While this is unlikely to change any time soon, could we soon be adding “posting festive message to social media platforms” to this list? Or perhaps we already can.

Each year Facebook is one of the most visited sites in the world on Christmas Day and with the number of users increasing and the amount of new social networks growing, Christmas could be considered the ultimate day for social media.

January Sales… In December?

It’s not only social media users who are online on Christmas day. With the rapid growth in online shopping, many brands have started to launch their “January Sales” the day that their pre-Christmas deliveries end, or even on Christmas Day itself.

Last year, retailers including Next, House of Fraser, Debenhams and Marks & Spencer all launched their online sales on Christmas Day, offering large discounts across their range of clothing products. Many savvy e-shoppers were online throughout Christmas Day bagging bargains and will almost certainly do so again this December 25th.

An Opportunity For Brands

With this in mind, brands across the world have a massive opportunity which only comes once a year. With more people on social platforms than any other day of the year and many shoppers in that magical buying-mode, many brands will undoubtedly attempt to engage with customers using festive marketing messages and discounts on Christmas day.

Creative Christmas Communications

Merry Christmas KeyboardEngaging with customers on a day where consumers have so much else going on is no easy feat. The key to a successful Christmas Day social post has to be to offer a unique benefit or reward for users who interact with your brand. Wishing followers a Merry Christmas is a nice gesture but isn’t likely to generate much interaction.

A better idea would be to include a call to action, offering something users would be genuinely interested in even on Christmas Day. If you are just looking for engagement and social signals, think about shareable content such as festive comedy videos, creative photography or genuinely funny Christmas jokes (if there is such a thing). Be sure to use an image or link to your site in your post to make it stand out in the news feed of potential readers.

Another powerful method of getting users to engage is to quite simply ask them to. For example: “What are you enjoying for Christmas dinner this afternoon? Send us a photo of your festive feast and the most mouth-watering meal will win a [prize].”

Alternatively, if you are looking for customers to purchase something from your site, you could consider jumping on the bandwagon of December-January Sales. Discounts and monetary savings are a powerful force for getting consumers to purchase and it is a tried and tested method. Just be sure to offer enough discount or incentive to be attractive.

To Automate or Not To Automate

With social media automation more accessible and widely-used than ever, many brands will likely schedule festive wishes to appear in followers’ feeds at various points throughout Christmas Day.

However, if brands encourage user engagement with their social posts, it could be a mistake not to ensure an employee is on hand to monitor social activity.

What if a customer opens a present on Christmas morning to find a faulty product and uses social media to tell the world about it? If a company has no social presence over the holiday period, a lot of potential damage could be caused and not rectified in its absence. Similarly, if a brand launches an online sale over the holiday, it is essential to ensure they have staff available to provide customer service.

Pre-Christmas Festive Facebook Posts

Here are a couple of festive commercial posts already up on Facebook used to encourage engagement from followers:

Christmas Facebook Post by Tesco Christmas Facebook Post by Coca Cola

Social Bakers also have a nice selection of Christmas Facebook posts from November.

In Summary…

Whatever brands do this Christmas, not using some form of social communication on Christmas Day would be a missed opportunity. Engaging with customers all year round in a subtle and unobtrusive way should be an essential part of any marketing strategy, and Christmas Day offers a wealth of opportunity for those prepared to take it.

Your Thoughts

What do you think will happen to internet and social media usage trends this Christmas? What are your thoughts on Christmas Day social media marketing? And most importantly, will you be online on Christmas Day?!

Santa Image from Bigstock
Merry Christmas Keyboard Image from Bigstock
Facebook Post Images From Indicated Facebook Profiles

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Emma North

Emma’s sarcastic and sassy, is borderline obsessed with gaming and loves the gym, football, and pizza. We’re guessing that’s the reason she loves the gym so much. #pumpforpizza

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