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How Christmas Has Gone Digital

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Family with Tablet at ChristmasWith more mobile devices connected to the internet this Christmas than ever before and the huge increase in tablet devices likely to be unwrapped tomorrow, it’s no surprise that the internet and digital devices are becoming a big part of our Christmas experiences.

In this post I look at how this digital evolution has changed Christmas for the better.

Online Shopping

Of course first on this list is the ability to shop online and take a little bit of stress out of finding the ideal gift for your loved ones. Shopping websites allow us to browse for gifts we may not have considered and at competitive prices. The adoption of Cyber Monday in the UK across many online retailers and the Black Friday promotions Amazon.co.uk hold over several days have helped consumers save a significant of money by shopping online.

You could argue that perhaps the benefit of avoiding the high street crowds is counter acted by the stress of waiting to receive your purchases through the post in time for Christmas, but there is no doubt that online shopping is bigger than ever with statistics showing November 2013 saw 10% more online sales than the previous year and a 2.9% drop in visits to High Street Shops.

Staying Connected

Whatever your digital platform of choice is; Apple iPhone, Google Android, Windows Phone or even the new Microsoft Xbox One, pretty much all have the ability to video chat with others wherever you may be. Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype aren’t the only players thanks to the growth of the powerful group video chat service, Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts

Although there is no better substitute for being with loved ones this Christmas time, video communication platforms are now better than ever, helping people catch up with family and friends in high definition. Even if you are based somewhere without a fixed internet connection the wide availability of 4G mobile connections allows for video chats on the move.

Free Gifts

The spirit of giving can also be seen online. Perhaps the most notable of these is the iTunes 12 days of Gifts. From 26th December to 6th January iTunes gives away music, apps and videos free to every one of its users.

iTunes 12 days of gifts

Fun and Games

For many, Christmas brings a break from work or school and what better way to fill that time than some digital fun and games. Although board games are still pushed heavily at Christmas, online games are likely to fill a lot of your time.

If you haven’t yet featured yourself and your friends in one of JibJab’s Elf Holiday videos or the OfficeMax Elf Yourself then you are missing out on some extra Christmas spirit. What’s funnier than seeing yourself dancing around in an elf outfit with just a few clicks?

Elf Yourself

Maybe you want to surprise a loved one with a personalised message from Santa Claus himself via the Portable North Pole. Create your special message choosing from the options then hear your customised video message played back so smoothly it’s almost real.

Tracking Santa

One of the highlights of the year for any child is likely to be the Santa Tracker that Google shares in the run up to Christmas. The countdown gets you ready for Christmas before the tracker goes live on Christmas Day and follows Santa as he makes his way around the world delivering gifts to all those children who have been nice this year.

Google Santa Tracker

This year, Google’s Santa Tracker delivered fantastic mini games and interactive presentations every day through the month of December. You can find all of these available here.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

That’s my round up of some of the highlights that technology has delivered for us this Christmas. If you want to share some clever or fun Christmas themed links then feel free to post them below!

On behalf of everyone at Koozai, I want to wish everyone in the Digital Marketing industry, our clients past and present and all our friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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Family With Tablet Pc In Front Of Christmas Tree from BigStock Photo
Video conversation from Google Hangouts

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