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Top Free Online Video Editing Software

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So you want to take your first steps into video editing but don’t fancy paying for expensive software to install on your PC (that probably won’t even run very well because you failed to notice the required high minimum specification of the software and you need to buy more RAM and a faster graphics card).Amazingly through the power of the modern web browser you can actually create your masterpiece online, for free.

There are several services that have come and gone, but here’s my pick of current free online video editing software:

YouTube Video Editor

Youtube Video Editor

The world’s most popular video sharing site naturally has its own suite of tools to help you improve your videos. YouTube Video Editor is a simple and easy way to trim clips, add music, insert transitions and even stabilise clips. Video stabilisation is one feature that is commonly only found on desktop PC software so it’s nice to see it included within the YouTube Video Editor.

JayCut (Update: No longer available)

The latest version of JayCut (2.2) features a fantastic new drawing/annotation tool which can allow you to create your very own sports commentary highlights video amongst others. Tie this with the ability to create slow motion effects, add a background via green screen chroma keying, record your own voice overs and you have a very powerful editing suite that even some desktop software would be envious of.

Tip: Before completing the short sign up you can try JayCut out in the video editor demo.


As well as Pixorial being your own personal online video library, there is a handy video editor under the ‘Producer’ tab that lets you combine videos, add transitions and titles. Once your video is complete there are buttons to easily share it on Twitter and Facebook as well as being able to email, download and even order a DVD copy of your edited video.


There’s a new service, Creaza Movie Editor, that looks very slick and promises to capture the essence of cloud computing by combining support for multiple devices and allowing multiple collaborators on each video project. It is current in closed Beta.

The main advantages of not having to spend money on desktop based software package may, for some,  outweigh the fact that you have to wait what seems like an eternity for your video footage to be uploaded to these websites, especially for HD video. However, with the current trend for the online ‘digital locker’ it may prove to be a good idea to have full quality backups of your video on the web just in case your PC decides it’s going to fail and your important data disappears forever.

Whether you choose to stick to desktop based video editing or even in-camera editing, you should give these services a go and enjoy the ease of use that comes with a browser based interface.


  1. Hugh avatar

    I am teaching a group of recent-immigrant, basic- level, teenage English learners who have access to smart phones and want them to create “video” autobiographes. Can you suggest a free program that they might use. Obviously the simpler the better considering their languge needs but nontheless capable of adding photos, music, importing from the net etc would be very desirable.
    Thanks for any advice you can give.

    1. Dean Marsden avatar

      Hi Hugh, I highly recommend using YouTube’s editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor). You can upload most video formats, add photos and music, text and links etc. Also being YouTube, they should be able to use their native language version if needed.

  2. Lovely avatar

    Do you know any free, easy, online websites that are for editing video’s and has a Green Screen effect? I know there’s Jay Cut but are there any others?

    1. Dean Marsden avatar

      I’m afraid I’m not aware of any others that do it. You’d have to invest in desktop software for that. Apple Final Cut and Adobe Premiere offer this functionality I believe.

  3. Bill avatar

    Hi Jaspreet,

    If you have an iPad (iPhone version in a few weeks) you can download Loopster app for free. Being file into iPad, launch Loopster. Bring file to timeline. Go to where the text is located in video. Now select text, choose a bubble text or normal. Depending on length of text you want to cover, rewrite what you want. Move text or bubble around playback screen to adjust where you want text to be placed on video. Hope they helps.

  4. Jaspreet avatar

    Can anyone please tell me, I want to change some word in the edited video file. Please tell me how this is possible, I don’t have any master data file.

    1. Dean Marsden avatar

      Hi Jaspreet, you would probably have to download a copy of the video then be clever with editing out the old word. No easy way around it I’m afraid!

  5. Grant Smith avatar
    Grant Smith

    Thanks Dean!
    I’ve done all of the things you suggest and today my computer guy came over and tried every setting we could think of but still without success.

    We replaced the USB headset with a desktop mic, changed the settings and “bingo” it worked first attempt so obviously there is some problem between the software and the headset.

    I really hate to leave a problem unsolved but at least now I can record my lessons which is the primary objective.

    Thanks for all your time and attempts to help.
    All the best,


    1. Dean Marsden avatar

      That’s good to hear Grant!

  6. Grant Smith avatar
    Grant Smith

    Dean unfortunately the free software only records for five minutes and so is no good for me.
    Snagit captures the screen perfectly but once again, as with the other programs, no audio.
    I can capture music videos from You Tube but still have this annoying problem with Skype calls. When I use the test procedure through Skype it says all of my devices are working correctly.
    If the Snagit program can record from music videos it would appear (to me at least) that there is something stopping it recording audio on Skype calls.

    I have sent a Tech support request to TechSmith to see if they can come up with something. It seems strange that I am the only one who has this problem but I cannot find anything else on the Web.
    Do you have any ideas at all that I could try?


    1. Dean Marsden avatar

      Thanks for the updates Grant. It really sounds like just an issue with the use of the soundcard using Skype as you can record audio when using other applications. Try fiddling with the audio settings in Skype maybe. I’m sorry I can really offer technical support. If you’ve tried lots of software I can’t think of any other. Try contacting Skype support too.

  7. Grant Smith avatar
    Grant Smith

    Dean my computer guy would be very unhappy to hear you say this PC is underpowered as he just built it last November. Lol.
    Tried Camtasia and it worked perfectly but that program is a bit high Tech for what I require. The people there were extremely helpful though and sent me a link to a new screen recorder they are distrbuting free.

    Will see how that works! All the best.

  8. Grant Smith avatar
    Grant Smith

    Wow! Incredible reply time! Thanks Dean.

    There are problems with several of the screen recorders. Some only record for a short time. Others have poor quality or “pixilated” video.

    A countryman of mine who does a lot of online tutorials, and whos opinion I respected, recommended software called “My Screen Recorder” by DeskShare. I (rather stupidly) went ahead and bought it without checking it out properly and, of course, it didn’t work as advertised.

    Anyway to make a very long story short this “company” does not respond to emails, Tech support requests or answer the phone (except through a recorded message). It looks as though I’ve done my cash there!

    I tried several Of the “Skype” recorders and they have similar problems to the screen recorders (and some don’t work at all).

    I’ve just downloaded the trial version of Camtasia and will give it a go. I didn’t bother before because I was told the video was poor, anyway we will see.

    Once again thanks for your help and swift reply.


    1. Dean Marsden avatar

      Hi grant, If you are consistently having poor quality recordings it may be that your computer is a bit under powered. Screen capture at full quality require a good spec PC.

  9. Grant Smith avatar
    Grant Smith

    Hi Dean, I take lessons online using Skype with sharescreen and I would like to save these. I have tried many screen recorders and can’t find one that works well.

    Some record the video and my voice but not my teacher’s. Some record both voices but the video is terrible so I was thinking of maybe trying to do a bit of editing. ie. Record with two programs then put the good audio on the the good video.

    As I am a complete novice at anything like this would you direct me as to how I should start.


    1. Dean Marsden avatar

      Hi Grant, It seems all the different audio channels haven’t worked for you so far. Have you tried some software such as Screenr https://www.screenr.com/ (online) or Camtasia https://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html (Windows/Mac)?

      I’d agree one option would have to be to merge the voice after. But make sure you’ve tried some other screen recorders first. You may need to try variations of the audio/video recording settings as well.

      Another completely different idea would be to film the screen and voices using a video camera. This could capture everything but the quality may not be as good.

  10. Ann avatar

    Can you please suggest some non-professional online program for editing video in slow-motion and fastforward? Thanks!

    1. Dean Marsden avatar

      HI Ann, I know Youtube Editor doesnt do that and can’t think of any that promote this feature. Creaza has a lot of features so it might be worth checking if they have those features. Generally speaking, slow motion and speed effects are reserved for professional software as they arent widely used. You might also want to check if your camera has settings for recording in slow motion. Some newer models have this feature.

  11. Bill Baird avatar

    have you seen or checked out Loopster.com? Would love to get your feedback. Keep in mind we are developing many great things that will release at the end of next month. Thanks for the consideration


    1. Dean Marsden avatar

      Hi Bill, thanks for sharing your new tool. Will check it out, all the best for the launch.

  12. michelle avatar

    hi i was wondering i just want to cropp my video which would be best for quickness and simplicity?

    1. Dean Marsden avatar

      Hi Michelle, unfortunately this feature is not available on the tools mentioned in this blog post. Your options are look at desktop computer based software or search for some other online based tools.

  13. jmck avatar

    Also check out Shotclip.com they have just launched a new online video editor that uses Moviemasher. Its a very cool video editor. Free too.

    1. Dean avatar

      Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about shotclip.com. I like the idea of planning your movie using the website software.

  14. kent avatar

    quick follow up – we would like to put “x” and lines and arrows on the frozen video for demonstration purposes – any suggestions?

  15. kent avatar

    good ideas – I need a cheap to free program to help with coaching hockey. We have the video of our games – now we want to voice over coaching tips while frames are frozen. We will then stream these videos to players – this is for a 10 year old girls team.

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  17. Dean Marsden avatar

    Hi Vanessa, JayCut used to be able to apply a chroma key to remove the background colour (green screen), however it is no longer available. The developers are now working on Blackberry software.

    If you need to use it for just one project then both Sony Vegas (Windows) and Final Cut Pro X (Mac) have free trails in which you could do the work before needing to purchase a licence.

    I will hopefully be posting a new list of free video editing software when I get round to exploring some new ones.

  18. Vanessa Jimenez avatar
    Vanessa Jimenez

    Is there any free video editing software that has the capacity use a green screen or import a background? Which software would you recommend? Thank you!

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  20. Melissa Hourigan avatar

    Hey Dean, thanks for including Pixorial in your round-up. Would love to show you some of the new features that we just rolled out this week. Our video editor now includes the ability to add music (we provide access to 500 tracks) or upload your own music. We also have text boxes that can be added, moved and customized throughout the video and have made updates to create a truly immersive experience. Thanks again for the mention!

    1. Dean avatar

      Hi Melissa, thanks for stopping by to update me on the new features! It sounds like you have been working hard to add some useful stuff, I’ll check it out. Dean

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