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How To Optimise Your Facebook Business Page

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Facebook has over 1.39 billion monthly active users worldwide, making it the one of the richest sources of community and leads. There are a huge range of online marketing avenues available to businesses of all types, but Facebook should not be forgotten about! It’s guaranteed that at least some of your target audience will be hanging out here, so you need to make sure you are too.

“Every­one should be on a Face­book busi­ness page if only to increase your SEO” — Mari Smith.

Recently, it’s getting increasingly harder for Facebook business pages to stand out amongst the crowd, especially with Facebook continually changing the algorithm to suit their users’ needs. In order to be on top of your game and entice your target audience, you need to be publishing the correct content and tweaking your strategy to ensure that not only your posts are being seen, but that engagement is high too.

Below are a few optimisation tips on how to make the most out of your Facebook business page.


Video has become increasingly popular this year with Facebook favouring these types of posts in their news feed. The most important thing to note is that you need to be posting your videos natively to Facebook, which means uploading the file straight to Facebook (not via YouTube or third party apps such as Buffer or Hootsuite). Not only does it look better (you are able to make the text and images exactly how you want them to look), but the native videos seem to get more reach.

Take the example below – this video shared by Vox on YouTube accumulated over 89,000 views. Now compare it to the video shared on Facebook, which has received over a whopping 1.2 million views!


YouTube Image


Facebook Image


Your profile and cover photo needs to be clear and have the correct colour scheme, demonstrating the right message. Refresh your cover photo frequently to drive engagement.

When uploading photos to your Facebook business page, you should stick to image sizes that are 940 pixels by 788 pixels, are centred and preview well on Facebook. Adding branding to your graphics in the form of your logo, website URL, or phone number is another great way to help people find you. When the image posted is shared from your Facebook page, all the information needed is there to find the business easily.

Coca Cola show a great example of this in action:

coca cola

Share, Share, Share!

Sharing your content is the best action a person can take on your Facebook business page, even more so than likes or comments. A few ideas to influence sharing would be to post more photos, videos, quotes and entertaining material, but most of all, get to the point quickly – you don’t want to lose anyone’s attention! Share your content everywhere (Social Media sites) to get as much reach as possible and you should begin to see your posts being shared more often.

About Page

Your About Page should be a resource for your visitors, so you need to make sure that every section is filled in to give your visitors as much information about your company as possible. Your visitors should know what to expect from your page and the tone of voice should be welcoming – it wouldn’t hurt to show off your personality!

About Facebook

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to connect with your target audience, especially with their custom audience targeting features. The unique features and tools that Facebook ads offer are invaluable for promoting brand awareness and connecting with customers. Generally, more B2C companies would benefit from using Facebook ads, whereas B2B companies would benefit from using LinkedIn ads. It is certainly a feature you should try if you want to expand your reach.

Don’t be so hasty to cast off Facebook Ads in favour of other advertising streams!

Do you have any Facebook business page optimisation tips of your own? Share your thoughts in the comments below or Tweet me @SophieeHowell.

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    This is a great article.
    Facebook is another great resource to reach out to your target market. Within the 1.39 billion active users your target market will be in there somewhere. Using the Facebook ads will help you target them specifically.

    Thanks for sharing this blog with us.

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    ‪James Bryan

    thank you so much,it’s really help.

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