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John Waghorn

A Business Guide to Using Vine

17th Jun 2014 Social Media 6 minutes to read

17-06-2014 09-27-50Video marketing is an extremely influential way for your business to create powerful messages about your brand in the modern world. Alongside the rise of popular platforms, such as YouTube, Vine (a newbie on the scene at just over a year old) is extremely powerful for your business. Here’s how.

If you’ve never heard of this platform before, or you want to know more about what it can do for your business, keep reading.

What Is Vine?

Released in January 2013 and owned by Twitter, Vine is a mobile app which enables users to create and add short video clips which repeat on a loop.The app allows for 6-seconds of filming before videos can be shared on Vine and other social channels, such as Twitter and Facebook.

As the fastest growing app in 2013, Vine’s total audience has expanded to around 67 million users (as of January 2014).

How Does It Work?

Once you have downloaded the app on a compatible smartphone or tablet device, you can then register a new account and begin using Vine’s features. To sign into the app, simply use your own personal or company Twitter login details.

After your account is ready, you can start recording by clicking on the camera icon and holding the screen. Taking your finger off will stop filming, and you can restart recording by touching and holding the screen again. The green bar at the top of your device will indicate the amount of recording time you have left – but remember you only have six seconds, so make it count!

With your finished recording, you can either upload it to the Vine community, or share it on your Twitter and Facebook profiles. Alternatively, clicking “next” will add, store and save the video to your camera roll, ready for you to use at a later date.

What Can You Do In Six Seconds?

If you think that you can’t deliver a great message in six seconds or under then take a look at some of these amazing examples below.

Lowe’s DIY Tips

American DIY store Lowe’s was one of the first examples I remember seeing where a company had really taken Vine by the horns.

This clever series of videos, aptly titled “Lowe’s Fix in Six” showcased some nifty everyday home DIY tips to help solve simple yet common problems around the home.

From removing rust off kitchen knives, organising cleaning bottles, and even keeping squirrels away from your plants, the aim of these videos was to help solve customer problems.

Take a look at some of their six second creations in action.

Stripped screws

Keeping squirrels at bay

Rusty knives

ASOS Unboxing

UK fashion retailer ASOS also jumped on Vine, making a simple unboxing video of their products to encourage customers to do the same when their items arrived in the post.

Incorporating the ASOSUnbox hashtag, a clever move to directly tie in with social, the company also offered the chance for customers to win a complimentary goodie box for their efforts.

Oreo Cookie

Always one for getting in on the marketing action, Oreo Cookie is another classic example of a company who have utilised Vine extremely well.

From magic tricks, foodie creations and product promotion, they’ve covered a number of bases with video marketing and stop motion advertising to encourage, tempt and persuade – feeling hungry yet?


Although these examples are only a handful of the amazing video creations on the web, it definitely shows the potential of this powerful medium – and all in six little seconds!

Get On The Vine Train

If you’ve spotted a gap in the market or the potential to exploit this form of video marketing for your own business, then it’s time to jump on board the Vine train.

However, before you download the app and hit record, there are a few considerations to bear in mind first.

Using this platform will certainly bring its advantages, but think about how you want your brand messages to be delivered. It’s much more sustainable to create a video marketing plan or strategy before jumping in at the deep end with no real focus.

Within your strategy and plan of attack, think about:

  • The types of videos that you want to create
  • How you will communicate with your audience
  • Whether you have the resources to make and upload a series of videos
  • How your videos will tie into the overall theme of your brand/business

Taking these points into consideration will ensure that your efforts are more productive in reaching out to a wider audience and attracting customer engagement.

The Benefits Of Vine

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of advantages to using Vine and incorporating video marketing into your online digital strategy.

Advertise and Promote Your Products

We live in a visual world, where people digest information at a phenomenal rate and this is where Vine can really work in your favour and empower your business.

Use short videos to advertise new product lines, promote discounts and sales, and showcase how your products work.

These visuals can help persuade customers to buy into your brand and make them feel more assured when making a purchase.

More Content for Social Sharing

As Vine will allow you to post to their own community, as well as Twitter and Facebook, the videos you create will ultimately give you more ammunition for social sharing.

Don’t forget to include hashtags where appropriate to make your content more relevant to your audience and to increase your social reach.

Customers, fans and followers alike will value seeing a dynamic range of status updates which incorporate written, video and image based content.

Modern and Simple to Use

The great thing about Vine is that you are using a modern form of marketing communications, which a large percentage of your target audience will acknowledge.

This alone puts you ahead of your competitors and shows that you’ve got your finger on the pulse. In addition to this, the app itself isn’t difficult to use.

In the five minutes that it takes for you to get to grips with how to use Vine properly, you will then be ready to execute your ideas and gain more recognition online.

Reach a Wider Audience

Vines has come a long way since its inception in 2013 and as more people and businesses come to realise the potential of this app, the figure is only expected to rise.

Out of the existing 67 million users, this gives your business the potential for greater reach, engagement and interaction online.

As the platform is simple to use, you won’t be investing money or a great deal of time into Vine either, so go and chase your awaiting target audience!

Are You Inspired?

As you can see, Vine really does have the potential to take your business to the next level.

Although you only have six seconds at your fingertips, the app offers you the chance to be as creative as possible to engage your audience and really get the most out of visual based content.

The examples above showcase just how powerful this can be for your business, so start using Vine today and see how far this clever marketing tool can take you.

For more information on Content Marketing and Social Media, speak to Koozai today.

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