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Gary Hainsworth

What is an SEO Professional?

2nd Sep 2022 SEO Blog 2 minutes to read

What is an SEO Professional?

An SEO Professional (Search Engine Optimisation) will help your business or website rank higher in search engines for relevant keywords. By making changes to your site, they will make your site more relevant for these keywords, gaining you more traffic and ultimately, more conversions.


Why Do I Need This?

Your website is offering the best goods or services, so it should be number 1 in Google, right?

This has gone through every business owners head at some point, but basically no website is “SEO’d” out the box. It isn’t a set and forget thing either, it needs continued monitoring, changes and updates to stay relevant.


Other websites will get ahead of you through various SEO methods, and you will need to counter this by optimising your own site and improving your digital marketing.

I always think that if no-one did SEO then it wouldn’t be needed. But as sites go through these optimisations, you need to as well, keeping competition active and having the extra bonus of giving me a job.

What Knowledge Is Needed?

Unfortunately, SEO is an open ended task and goes into Paid advertising, web development, statistical analysis, design and various other marketing related topics.

As a rough overview you need to be able to identify the keywords and terms which are relevant to your site and users, then implement changes to reach these targets.

This goes through keyword research, onsite changes, link building, analysis of performance on a regular basis – but there are many other factors which are too numerous to go into here.

The basics aren’t that easy to quantify, but you can see an overview in our SEO training course page.

What Skills Are Important?

As mentioned above, the skill set is fairly diverse and different people will specialise in different aspects.

There are a few definite qualities which help SEO professionals though, such as:

Attention To Detail

This is a cliché, but SEOs need to be able to pick out errors, issues and solutions from fairly complex data sets. Small errors can adversely affect rankings, much like errors in code can break scripts and programs.

Data Analysis

SEO is very data focused, but it’s also important to interpret this data into real-world situations. Making sure that the actions and recommendations translate to conversions is crucial.


SEO is a technical discipline, but unlike design and development most of the actions don’t result in visible changes for clients. With this in mind it’s important to be able to explain the reasoning and what will change what.



This isn’t technically a skill, but experience is essential in SEO. Learning the fundamentals and different tasks is worthwhile, but there are so many variables and the industry moves so fast that it is impossible to learn fully through training.

How Do I Hire A Professional?

Obviously we’re going to say to consider Koozai for your digital marketing and SEO services, but the points above will hopefully let you be more discerning when looking into professional SEO services!

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Gary Hainsworth

Senior Organic Data Specialist

Gary is our technical SEO specialist and boasts more than 10 years’ experience in the industry. With in-depth knowledge on site migrations and all aspects of technical SEO, he’s a valuable asset to our team. Gary’s worked with the likes of the V&A, Warburtons, the NHS and the Lake District National Park. He has a passion for guitars too, be that playing them, modifying them or even building them. Gary has appeared in Startups Magazine, Portsmouth News and

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