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Top 6 Conversion Rate Boosters

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With the ever growing internet market, it is becoming more and more important to ensure your website Conversion Rate is continuously increasing. There are so many factors to consider when you are looking at increasing your online Conversion Rate and this blog is going to cover my top six favourite ‘boosters’.

If you have any other hints or tips, please feel free to add to the bottom of this post and share your ideas with others.

Landing Page

There is nothing more frustrating than searching for something online and then landing on a page that is not entirely relevant. The average user in the 21st century doesn’t even take the time to scroll down a page so it is vital that the page they land on is 100% relevant to entice them to engage further with your site.

Booster – Make the landing page relevant

Ad Copy

How many times have you clicked on a PPC advert offering Free Delivery or 50% off and then find that the website doesn’t feature the advertised offer? Very annoying!

AdWords searchers have a very short attention span and it is so easy to hit the back button – this causes high bounce rates and will keep costing you money. Don’t do it.

Booster – Any offers promised in PPC ads must be repeated on

Postage & Packaging

As I have said previously, online buyers will shop around and one of the key differentiators in the land of e-Commerce is postage and packaging. You need to keep on top of what your competitors are doing and match their P&P deals where possible.

Booster – Don’t have a higher P&P cost than your competitors

Money Phrases

People in research mode will often use one or two word phrases when searching and these are the words you want to avoid.

Your Money Phrases are terms that indicate searchers are in buying mode. To boost your Conversion Rate you need to be using terms like:

  • Buy
  • Cheap
  • Discount
  • Sale
  • Order
  • Purchase

Booster – Think about what you would search for if you were purchasing online and use them for PPC and SEO

Negative Keywords

In most of my blog posts, I harp on about Negative Keywords [a good example being – How Negative Keywords Can Make Your PPC Budget Go Further] but they are so important and must not be forgotten. Filtering out irrelevant search terms will ensure your ads are only appearing in the eyes of highly targeted searchers.

Booster – An AdWords campaign can never have enough negative keywords – keep your list expanding!

Purchase Process

You must make it easy for your customers to complete your desired goal, a simple flaw in your purchase process can be very off putting and prevent visitors from ever coming back to your site.

Get a third party, who is not familiar with your site and ask them to complete a task along the following lines:

  • Make an online purchase
  • Sign up for your monthly newsletter
  • Download a whitepaper
  • View a key page

Watch them – Do not speak or guide them in anyway. You will soon see if there are any key pages that are causing an issue and these can then be fixed.

Booster – Get a third party to complete your desired goal whilst you watch

So there you have it, just a few of my favourite ways to help give your Conversion Rate a boost. Just using one of these tips should help you see an increase and combining them all together is a recipe for success.

If you are having problems getting your visitors to complete your online forms, check out my previous blog post on ‘Increasing Online Form Conversions‘.


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    I recommend Clicktale as the best usability tool. Its heatmaps, real time videos and aggregate behaviours and analytics are second to none!

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