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The Heroes And Villains Of SEO (Infographic)

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SEO Superheroes TeaserHave you ever fantasised that you could fly? Ever wanted to be able to teleport somewhere in the blink of an eye? How badly have you wanted to be able to read people’s minds? I know that I’ve long dreamt of having all these powers, and more. That’s partly what led me to creating this infographic, detailing the Superheroes (And Villains, because where there’s good there must be evil) of SEO.

As SEOs, we’re faced with new and unusual trials and tribulations every day. From identifying and removing the seemingly constant stream of low quality links to helping webmasters stay afloat amongst the ever-changing algorithms of Google’s many updates.

With so much going on, I’m certain of one thing in particular, those who manage to continuously produce fantastic results in this world must have some kind of super power. Whether it’s the ability to create continuously awesome content or the know-how to craft ingenious tools that make everyone else’s life 10,000 times easier; the people mentioned within this infographic are most definitely the superheroes of the SEO world.

I’ve also taken a look at some of the villains who harm our industry and make doing SEO so much harder than it needs to be. However at the same time these villains force our heroes to ever higher places and make everyone try even harder to get the best results. We’ve not named the villains but for the heroes we’ve tried to name who we feel best embodies each role – although feel free to debate them in the comments.

SEO Superheroes

These aren’t the only SEO superheroes (or villains) though, there’s plenty more all around you. Do you know of anyone you think should be proclaimed an SEO superhero? Or maybe you have a secret-super identity you’d like to reveal yourself? To find out about the heroes in hiding we’ve put together a quick survey where you can suggest who you feel fits the superhero roles below.

Take The Survey

You can also discuss the heroes or suggest extra ones in the comments below.

Until next time,
The Tallest Man In Search


  1. Oliver Neely avatar

    Really cool infographic! I think when it comes to SEO villains, unscruplous link building is probably the biggest offence.

  2. Tim Dugan avatar

    This infographic/comic is great! I also put something together quite similar: https://www.webservicesct.com/blog/seo-guide-comic-book/

  3. Puneet avatar

    Very unique infographic shared here with nice concept ;)

    but i have a doubt .. Wouldn’t the backlinks inside the iframe be of no value link wise?

  4. Pedro avatar

    Good infographic, The Black Witch is Matt Cutts!! xD

  5. Brandon Swenson avatar

    Fantastic Infographic Guys! I liked the Villain* SpamBot!!! It’s the new SEVENGERS!* :)

    1. Harry Gardiner avatar

      Thanks Brandon, glad you enjoyed it. What would your SEO superpower be?

  6. Ann Smarty avatar

    LOL thanks for including me! I am in a great company ;)

    1. Harry Gardiner avatar

      No worries! Thanks for being so awesome, keep up the good work.

  7. Greg avatar

    FAIL. No villains. Can’t have heroes and villains with no villains. Better luck next time.

  8. Sam avatar

    Being able to control the Google algo would be a great superpower. You’d rule the SERPs for any term you want whenever you want and you’d make enough money to hire people to do a lot more than just making you a cup of tea ;)

    1. Harry Gardiner avatar

      Haha I think that’s almost verging on a villainous plot right there Sam, “Today we control Google, Tomorrow the world!”
      Just remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.

  9. Angela Heidt avatar

    Awesome infographic – I love that you included the importance of original content that’s regularly updated, something that many website owners overlook.

    1. Harry Gardiner avatar

      Hi Angela, I’m glad you like it!
      That’s so true about content, it’s also important not to forget that we’re creating things for humans and not just search engines.

  10. Michael Taggart avatar

    Great graphic guys. Very original. Enjoyed the talk at BrightonSEO too (and subsequent post).

    1. Harry Gardiner avatar

      Thanks Michael, glad you enjoyed BrightonSEO as well. If you could have any superpower what would yours be?

      1. Michael Taggart avatar

        Being able to control other people’s minds would be pretty sweet. I’d never have to make another cup of tea.

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