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Link Building with Microblogging Platforms

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Microblogging platforms have exploded over the last year or so. These platforms exist so users can post short messages and share news, links, pictures and videos on the web without having to put in the time, money and effort setting up a WordPress style blog. They’re really popular with users who post photos, images and links to content they have created themselves or that they like. These platforms operate seamlessly with popular social media sites – this makes it easy to share content quickly around the web.

Here is a list of some of the most popular platforms today:

How to get started

The sites listed (there are likely many others) are free and quick to sign up to and once signed up you can begin posting straight away. Each platform allows you to personalise your page with your details and brand image. It is good to take some time to make the profile look unique and professional; this is likely to gain you more followers and makes the profile look much more personal.

Some platforms including Tumblr have a selection of free and premium themes available for use; it is possible to create your own theme with knowledge of web design.

How to use the platforms to create links

As with any Blog or online content publishing platform, it is good to have a strategy or an idea of the purpose of the Blog. You can choose a specific subject to Blog about or the Blog can be industry related or a platform to share links of interest. Having a central theme to all posts will help build a greater relevance and attract others who are also interested in that subject.

It’s important to not be too self promotional, if you are able to build up a strong Blog on a niche subject and include the odd link back to your website you will see a much greater benefit. You are also likely to gain many more followers as a result, especially if you are posting useful and interesting information as well as linking to your own website(s).

Microblog or larger blog

If you are not sure whether to use a Microblogging service or start a larger Blog, it all depends on the intended use of the Blog. If you want to use the platform to publish longer posts and company related information then putting the time into creating a Blog on one of the larger platforms is worth the effort. This is true for most Blogs related to a Business; a smaller Blog can be created on a Microblogging platform as a bit of a side project with the idea of creating something interesting and worthwhile for potential followers.


Creating a Blog on one of the Microblogging platforms isn’t a good substitution for a main Blog. They can be a useful tool to build up a social following and some authority (on a specific subject) and occasionally link to your own content if related to the post.

You may want to create a Microblog which is completely disconnected from the business on a specific subject and have fun with it while building a following at the same time. Good luck and happy blogging.

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