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12 Strategies to Get More Inward Links

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On the 12th day of Xmas…

Links are the backbone of any good search engine marketing strategy and below are 12 ways you can get quality inward one way links to your website:

  1. Directories – submit your website to quality directories such as Yahoo, BOTW and DMOZ. Being in these directories can not only get you links from very credible places but also generate traffic and also other links.
  2. Forums – contribute to forums in your niche and use your website link in your signature as you will gain links and also be seen as a contributor to your industry.
  3. Articles – create them specific to your niche and submit them to places like Ezine articles as people will pick them up and use them on their websites.
  4. Press Releases – Submit these online to places like PRWeb as you can find you get local or national media coverage and have your press release published anywhere on the web.
  5. Social Bookmarking – If you have a really good article or piece of content that you have posted to your website then be sure to ask associates to review it and tag it through places such as Digg and StumbleUpon as this can go viral very quickly.
  6. Wikipedia – Add your website or product only if it is credible and suitable as if you attempt to spam this resource you will get banned straight away and have your entry removed.
  7. Answer Questions – Use Yahoo Answers and Google Groups to answer questions and link to relevant resources, not always yours but if its relevant then why not.
  8. Hub Pages – Set up pages for your products or service on social hub sites like Squidoo and Hub Pages and use these to link through to your website.
  9. Start a Blog – Publish great content regularly on your own blog and people will naturally link to it
  10. Flash games – develop a fun game that can be distributed and that is specific to your industry if its good and more importantly fun people will link to it.
  11. Tools – offer free tools or services that people will want to link to to add value to their visitors, this will naturally attract links.
  12. Videos – Publish informative videos on your website that will be of benefit to people in your industry.

Above is only a few ways to develop you inward links but you can get as creative as you need to.


  1. Allan avatar

    Do number of inward links for a website posted on the same blog post/comments count as only one inward link? Or can one have something like 50 links to a website on the blog-post?

  2. ravm avatar

    I've always seen Wikipedia as a lost cause for SEO link building. The link is nofollow and the watchdogs there are always marking anything even remotely commercial as SPAM. What a joke though, cause I've seen plenty of websites running adsense all over their pages and they still get listed. Just cause a commercial site is selling something doesn't mean they aren't relevant. Ah, well…rant done.

  3. Steve SEO UK avatar

    May I compliment you on a very useful list for back link building.

    I personally find Yahoo Answers, Google Groups and Squidoo very good when looking for immediate traffic response and indexing pages.

    Have you used Craigslist to post ads? I get top Google positions for less competitive long tail keyword phrases (with good search traffic) same day or within a couple of days. What I do to achieve these results is to obviously put the keyword phrase in the title (which converts to a h2 in the code). Then, the first line of the body copy which includes the keyword phrase I make an h1 plus anchor text link pointing back to relevant website page. Fill rest of ad with around 100 words of relevant text to get good code to text ratio and submit.

    You do have to be careful with posting on Craigslist with an ordinary modem as it picks up your IP address and can boot you off if it believes you are posting too often. Best way over this (so I’ve been told) is to post using Wireless connection which changes the IP address on each post – and of course use different email addresses.

    Anyway, I hope my comment meets your approval.
    Steve. (Totton, Southampton)

  4. Jeff the search engine writer avatar
    Jeff the search engine writer

    A big, big thanks for this.

    I have done/used some of these steps in the past and present, but some of them are obvious but never really thought about them in any depth, and now i think i will.

    My first step i think is to make a game, as games seem to bring in a good bit of traffic, and allowing the game to be hosted on other websites may increase my inbound links.

    The others i may try is Video or maybe a Podcast, as lets say it this way, i have the looks for radio, or is that voice for radio…

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