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Improve Your SEO With Organic & Paid Social

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It’s not the most farfetched combination we’ve seen, but it’s probably one you might not have considered when thinking about improving your results. SEO and social media are two different games when it comes to marketing, but they can support each other to improve certain metrics that you might have been lacking. Social media might not directly influence rankings but having strong social profiles can help your brand appear higher in SERPs if you have strong content to back it up.

Increase Website Traffic

Creating new content or pages on your site can benefit your SEO but there’s no point creating it if you’re not sharing it anywhere. If no one is actively visiting and spending time with your new content, then there’s very little point in spending time to build them out. Sharing new content to your audience both organically and with paid advertising can give you a boost in traffic but will also let you know what content people are engaging with giving you the opportunity to expand and create more if necessary. SEO can take months for it to start kicking in so why not give it a little boost at the start with some organic social posts and paid activity. Using objectives like website traffic and post engagement will demonstrate your selected post or content to the audience you select giving you important data on how valuable your audience finds it. Social media has a large audience that you can share your content to and can provide positive signals for future adjustments. In the long run, this can benefit your search ranking overall.

Backlink Sharing

So you’ve managed to get extra clicks just by posting your new content to social media, and you’re finding that one specific page is obtaining more traffic than the rest. It’s more than likely someone has found it valuable and has shared it, which has gathered more clicks from other users leading to more shares creating a chain of traffic and backlinking. Social media is a great place for people to share info, content and ideas they enjoy, so generating more clicks through different platforms should provide a decent spread of sharing and backlinking overall.

Trust In Your Social Media

Trust is everything when it comes to your brand. If your audience doesn’t trust you, then you’ll find it hard to keep any future audience engaged unless you do something about it. Normally, the more valuable content and information you have available about your brand/industry/topic, the more trustworthy you’ll be and the higher you’ll rank. With social media, the more you post, and the more active you are with responding to comments the more likely you’ll be seen as trustworthy. The more trustworthy you come across on social media, the more likely you are to achieve extra traffic from new users. This leads to more content shares, and potential new customers too.

Social Profile Rankings

Your social profile can show up on search pages just the same as your website does, and though you might think that everyone will want to visit your website, you might find that some people might want to see what you post on social media first, whether this is an offer or a particular piece of content. If your social media profiles are empty, it could lead to people having less trust in your brand and could be put off with what you have to offer. Having an active social account is brilliant for sharing content and demonstrating your knowledge in a specific industry. People will look for this before they click on your page if your social page ranks higher than your website so making sure your account is active and well kept will lead to more trust and a better likelihood of users visiting your website down the line.


Social media is an important part of marketing and it’s better to have it than not, but it’s also important that you actively post and engage with users on the social platform you use. Knowing that social media can improve your overall SEO should give you that final push that you’re looking for to start creating a social media strategy. For help on social media and how to start advertising, read more on our paid social blog section.

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