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Lucy Griffiths

How to Select an SEO Agency

28th Nov 2008 SEO 3 minutes to read

When selecting a UK-based SEO Agency, many companies struggle to get a grip on what they should look for and how much they should pay.  The need for SEO assistance has never been greater, but a reliable, expert and cost effective SEO Agency can be hard to find.

SEO is not a matter for amateurs; a great SEO Agency is part design team, part IT whiz, part business analyst, part marketing guru and part copywriter.  In order to test the mettle of any potential SEO Agency, here are ten questions you should ask:

Q1:  What guarantees can you give us about Search Engine Ranking Positions?
Whilst all SEO Agencies will aim to improve and increase your SERPs, the truthful answer is none.  Search Engine Rankings cannot be guaranteed by anyone other than the Search Engines themselves.  If the SEO Agency claims they can guarantee ANYTHING, they shouldn’t be trusted.

Q2:  How much will increased website traffic cost me?
The cost won’t always indicate the quality of SEO service you’ll receive.  But clearly, with a bona fide SEO Agency, the more money you spend, the more dedicated time and effort they can place on your SEO work.

Q3:  Can we meet in your office to discuss this in person?
If you’re based in the UK, you’ll want to deal with a UK-based company.  Face to face contact builds trust and rapport and gives you a point of contact with your SEO Agency.  Outsourcing your SEO to someone in Pakistan, India or Mars doesn’t give you the same customer experience.

Q4: Will you need to change my website?
To optimise a website often requires changes to it. All changes should be mutually agreed, expertly actioned and made in-line with the design of your website.

Q5: What linking process do you use?
A good SEO Agency will be open with you about the entire linking process and give you weekly linking reports.  They will use acceptable linking techniques that won’t get you banned.

Q6: What’s your company’s history?
Clearly, the fly-by-night cowboy will have a sketchy past; the trustworthy company will have years of experience and a researchable online presence.

Q7:  What does your pricing include?
Ask for a full list of services included and compare this with their competitors.

Q8: What length of contract do you require?
Flexibility is the keyword.  All companies need to tie you into a contract, that’s business, but look for flexibility and no lengthy tie-ins.

Q9: Are you certified in Google AdWords?
Let’s face it, Google still accounts for the lion’s share of all search engine traffic, and AdWords remains the obvious choice for your Ad campaign. But anyone with a credit card can set one up, so Google offer certified status to professionals completing AdWords qualifications. Consider this as the benchmark for AdWords expertise.

Q10: Can you provide examples of the results that you’ve previously achieved?
If the SEO Agency can really do what they say, they should be teeming with testimonials and evidence of their success rate.  It’s a competitive marketplace where SERPS can shift on a daily basis, but happy clients show you that this SEO Agency really know their job.  If you get the opportunity to talk directly to one of their clients – do it, it will speak volumes.

Asking these questions is essential to choosing the best SEO Agency.  Don’t be dazzled or distracted; the answers to these questions and your common sense will indicate to you which SEO partner you should select.

Obviously we’re biased but we believe that if you’re looking for a professional SEO Agency, you should consider discussing how Koozai could help you.

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